Holic Trick Classic Cyalume Coord (HTクラシックサイリウム) is Aroma Kurosu's basic Cyalume Coord. This coord is a Cool Coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. It was used in Episode 48 by Mirei Minami.


Episode Image User
Every time Aroma Cyalume Changes.
Aroma Kurosu
PriPara Cake 8
Mirei Minami



A dress inspired by a witch gown. The top portion is purple with a dark blue belt around the stomach and a dark blue collar with a single yellow line tracing it to match the yellow lines on the frilly sleeves attached to it. A violet bow with a single tail hanging from it rests at the center of the collar with a mauve gem in the center. The skirt matching the dress resembles a sharp, flower-shaped tutu skirt. Attached to it, at every split in the material with a long dark blue flap with a golden yellow heart design that reaches the very tip of the skirt points. In each heart is a small diamond shape. The skirting beneath the first two layers is composed of bunched up violet ruffles. A violet devil tail is sewn onto the back of the skirt. Comes with dark blue gloves with a single gold ring around each wrist cuff.

In cyalume form, the dress gains a metallic blue-silver theme and the skirt becomes rainbow.


Dark blue witch pointed-toe boots with a violet bow at the tongue of each boot. A mauve diamond gem rests in the center. Around the cuff is a golden yellow heart line design to match the skirt petals. Comes with purple and violet striped stockings.

During Cyalume Change, the designs on the boots glow neon blue.


A dark blue miniature witch’s cap with a dark purple bow tied around it. It is lined by gold. During Cyalume Change it glows neon blue.


Holic Trick Classic Cyalume Coord is a Cool type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. It first appeared in the Cyalume Coord Challenge Collection.


  • In all of her official visuals, Aroma Kurosu has been seen with devil horns while wearing the hairpiece. The devil horns will only appear if Aroma has this coord equipped in-game.
    • This is the first coord hairpiece to have changes when equipped to a specific character.


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