Himeka Manaka
Kanji 真中 ひめか
Rōmaji Manaka Himeka
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Professional Statistics
Occupation Chef
Affiliation Papa's Pasta
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Manaka (Husband)
Laala Manaka (Eldest Daughter)
Non Manaka (Youngest Daughter)
Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors
Japanese Rei Sakuma
Image Gallery

"You're like a loudspeaker or a firetruck or a siren!" -Laala

Himeka Manaka (真中 ひめか Manaka Himeka) is the mother of Laala and Non Manaka and the wife of Mr. Manaka. She currently works as a chef at the Manaka family restaurant, Papa's Pasta.



Himeka as an idol and when she was younger.

Himeka has green eyes and purple hair like her daughters. It is mostly pulled up into a bun, but part of it is let loose on each side of her head with a small flip nearing the bottom. She is usually in uniform for work. When she was younger, her hair was medium length and pulled back just a bit.

When she went to PriPara, her hair was very long and flowy, retaining her purple. Upon returning to PriPara as an adult, her hair is short and curly. Her new casual coord is the Gothic Lace Strawberry Coord


Himeka is shown to be nice and friendly, but can be strict at times. According to Laala, she is quite loud.



  • She loves to eat, but worries over her weight, as seen in Episode 06.
  • Although she considers Laala to be too loud, she is also considered to be too loud.
  • Laala and Non seem to inherit most of their features from her.
  • Her role is similar to Ringo Hoshimiya (Ichigo's mother) from Aikatsu!.
  • It was revealed in Episode 24 that she used to go to PriPara when younger.
    • Her name was revealed during the same episode, which was Himeka. However, it should be noted that she chose this as her name when first registering for PriPara, and therefore it is likely not her real name.
    • She became best friends and formed a team with Gloria Ookanada whilst in PriPara.
    • When she used to go to PriPara, she used coords from the brand Baby Monster, but her new casual coord is Holic Trick.
  • Her bangs and cowlick resembles some similarity to Naru Ayase's from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


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