High Sense Pink Saturn Coord (ハイセンスピンキーサターン) has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord is from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It is a Premium type coord. This coord is similar to the High Sense Sunlight Saturn Coord, High Sense Nature Coord, and the High Sense Purple Saturn Coord; as they are a recolor of each other.





A white to pale pink glittering top with matching sleeves, all lined in raspberry and purple gradient to match the strip of pale pink, lilac, and pale blue glittery gradient material around the top of the chest. Going down the center is a matching gradient with brighter colors. Attached to the lower left corner rests a large gold crescent with two ice-blue stars and two gold chains, each with a small star hanging from the end. On the top right corner is a gold sphere design with a single ice star and a thin silver ring attached to two matching gold chains with three stars that connect to the star sewn to the center of the gradient collar accessory. The skirt is in two pleat layers, the top is pale milk-blue glitter, while the bottom matches the collar. Comes with white to tan glittering sleeves lined in raspberry to match the shoulder straps.


Pale pink and white gradient glittering boots with dark raspberry glittery heel and bottom. The cuff is red and pink glitter with dark purple-pink lining. On the left boot cuff rests a gold badge with silver loop and sky blue star attached to it. A gold star dangles from the accessory, along with two gold chains. 


High Sense Pink Saturn Coord is a Normal Premium Coord from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It first appeared in 2014-2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
High Sense Pink Saturn Onepiece

High Sense Pink Saturn Shoes


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