Hello! Blue Sky Smile Sparkling




Kanji Name ハロー!あおぞらスマイルスパークリング
Romanized Name Harō! Aozora Sumairu Supākuringu
Creator SoLaMi♡SMILE
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka
Mirei Minami
Sophie Hojo

Hello! Blue Sky Smile Sparkling is a Making Drama which was first seen used by Laala Manaka in Episode 146.

Character Appearances


The idol is shown walking through a rainy flower field with her umbrella. She spins around and glances up towards the rain filled sky with a smile, then tosses her umbrella behind her and runs forward. The sky begins to clear and a large rainbow forms, causing the flower field to vibrantly light up as the Idol watches in amazement. She spins around as balloons float in the background and poses.

Umbrella & Poses

Each Idol who performs this making Drama has an alternate umbrella at the beginning and pose at the end. These include: 

  • Laala Manaka - A pink gingham umbrella lined in white with a dark pink scallop lining. On each section is a bow alternating between purple and yellow. At the end she jumps into the air with her arm and legs spread out, using her right hand to do her gesture.
  • Sophie Hojo - A black and red lace umbrella. At the end she poses towards the side in a sitting position, folding her legs inward while her arms rest on her lap.
  • Mirei Minami - A blue and white umbrella with a rainbow design. At the end, she poses with one leg up while the other one is stretched out. One of her arms is stretched out as well while the other rests at her side.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Laala Manaka
Sophie Hojo


  • The umbrellas held at the beginning of the Making Drama change, possibly depending on the idol's type or brand.

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