Haruki Amamiya
Kanji 雨宮 春希
Rōmaji Amamiya Haruki
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 12-13
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Indigo
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuta Kasuya

Haruki Amamiya is a 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy who is in the same class as Mirei Minami and Leona West. He has a huge crush on Mirei and is the vice-head of the Disciplinary Committee.


Haruki has short indigo hair that goes/reaches to the nape of his neck and dark iron cyan colored eyes. He also wears a pair of gray under rim glasses. He appears to be quite short for his age.


Haruki is a nice guy who admires Mirei to the fullest. He is sweet and can be a bit shy at times, but if it concerns Mirei he'll step up to the plate.


Amamiya (雨宮): Ama ( ame) means rain and Miya () means palace, shrine, or temple.

Haruki (春希):Haru(春)means spring and Ki (希)means rare.


  • He once referred to himself as "Megane otouto" (眼鏡弟 Glasses-little-brother) when he was offering words of encouragement to Mirei to perform for the Paprika Culture Festival as a mean to stay anonymous (which didn't work).
  • He was shown to be jealous of Leona in Episode 18 due to Mirei looking at him.
  • He gave Mirei her first official warning ticket in Episode 32.
  • It's possible he has a few admirers as shown in Episode 32.
  • He has received 8 warning tickets.
  • In Episode 60, he helped Dorothy and Leona catch Love Tochiotome, who they mistook as the "Thieving Genius".
  • He shares his surname with Rizumu Amamiya, Kaname Amamiya, Ryutaro Amamiya, and Sonota Amamiya from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream/Dear My Future, however, they are written in different kanji.


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