Happy Pink Cyalume Coord (ハッピーピンクサイリウム) has not yet been worn by anyone, nor has it appeared in the anime. This coord is from the brand Dreaming Girl, and is a Premium Type coord.





A colorful, sparkling pink gown lined white white and pale blue ruffles. Across the torso are tiny, pink pearl chains while rests on the chest is a single pink bow with a yellow star in the middle and two, pale blue frills attached to the bottom. Each sleeve is a white puff below the shoulder with a shiny hot pink star attached to it, lined in pale sky blue. Mutliple pieces of pink, pale blue, white, and melon tulle are attached to the star and visible from the back is a pale yellow bow. On the lower portion of the skirt are multiple bows; a pale blue bow with white lines, a pale blue bow with white lines beneath a magenta bow, a pink bow, and a pale blue bow on top of a pale pink striped bow. Near the bottom of the skirt layer of the skirt are tiny pale blue stars and two frilly magenta pieces of trim. Beneath the bottom trim is a pattern of white and pink striped tulle. The last portion of skirt is fuchsia with many sky blue stars printed on it, along with a single white piece of ruffled material along the bottom. Comes with a pale frosted-pink choker with a tiny topaz droplet hanging from it.


White chunky-style heels with a curving bow at the tongue; one is blue with pink frills and wing, while the other is pale mint with yellow frills and wing. Comes with pale pastel stockings of pink, orange, cyan, red, and white. Each layer of color is lined by two lines; one pink and one blue, with a tiny yellow star at each tip. The cuff is frosted-pink with a two-layer bow attached to it, one frosted-pink and the one on top is pale blue with white lines and a single star clip. Lining each cuff are pale blue ruffles.


Happy Pink Cyalume Coord is a Cyalume Rare Premium Type coord from the brand Dreaming Girl. It first appeared in the April 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol. 5.


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