Ham visual
Kanji ハム
Rōmaji Hamu
Physical and Vital Information
Species Mascot
Gender Male
Eye Color Unknown (always closed)
Hair Color Orange (fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Policeman
Personal Status
Anime Episode 64 - Ham and Ajimi
Voice Actors
Japanese Makoto Furukawa

Ham (born Hannibal Caesar Elizabeth Archimedes Newton Duke the Togo Boss Yujiro Master of the Mascot at the New Century We are the World We are the Sunflower Friedrich H.A.M. Taro the Great Golden Selime) is a mascot character in PriPara and the manager of Ajimi Kiki. He is a police inspector dispatched from the PriPara Police following the appearance of the Thieving Genius. Ham is revered as a legendary manager, and is respectfully addressed as Ham-senpai.


Ham is a plump, orange hamster with pale pink cheeks and a large tuft of curled fur above his forehead. His white belly is decorated with three bow ties - one black and two pink. He wears a black top hat with a yellow wing decoration on his head, reminiscent of the two wings sprouting from his back.


Ham never spoke, until episode 89, so it is difficult for other people outside of his partner Ajimi to understand what he's thinking. Despite his ability to fly, he usually moves around on his running wheel, which allows Ajimi to come up with ideas due to its shape resembling the Vitruvian Man. He also seems to hold a fondness for sunflower seeds.


Ajimi Kiki - The idol he manages and his partner. Ajimi is the only one who is able to understand what Ham is thinking.


Ham (ハム) - Ham (ハム) is an abbreviation of hamster (ハムスター).


  • He has the longest mascot name in the series, beating out Unicorn.
  • He finally spoke in the end of Episode 89.
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