Golden Feather Coord (ゴールデンフェザート) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. This coord has been first worn by Shuuka Hanazono in Episode 167. It resembles the Pinky Feather Coord and Silvery Feather Coord.


Episode Image User
167, 168, 169
Shuuka episode 167.jpg
Shuuka Hanazono



A gold top with darker lining and yellow designs on the print, along with several diamonds. The right corner of the fabric is a glittering silver with the bottom lined by brown bead chains and a row of gold droplets. The collar is a metallic gold fabric with an ornate design in the middle. A glittering gold ribbon wraps around the torso, sewn at an angle and held by a large amethyst and tiny diamond gem. Several rows of glittering feathers coming in white and gold gradient stick out from the top. Covering the right arm is a feathery white boa with a few, scattered dark feathers mixed in. The left lower arm has an ornate gold accessory.


A glittering, bunched up gold skirt decorated with amethyst gems that have a tiny diamond beneath them, along with a droplet-shaped crystal. The waist is a metallic gold with diamond gems scattered around it, along with an amethyst, pink, and lilac gem design in the center. Sticking out from the main portion of skirt is a silver glittering layer. Sewn around the skirt are large, white gradient feathery wings.


Gold shoes with multiple straps on the foot and ankle, both adorned with an alternate gem design consisting of pink, lilac, and amethyst gems. On the legs are ruffled, glittering layered alternating fabric of silver and gold. The cuff is a gold shape in four sections with darker lining and glittering gold ribbon wrapped around it, held by a single large amethyst gem and a tiny diamond.


An ornate gold tiara with several lilac and pink gems surrounding a single, large amethyst. Gradient glittering feathers stick out from the side.


Golden Feather Coord is a Celeb PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.4 Collection.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Golden Feather Top

Golden Feather Skirt

Golden Feather Shoes

Golden Feather Hair Accessory

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