Goin'on (Single)
Goin'on Type B
Romaji Goin'on
Format Single
Artist I☆Ris
Released February 17, 2016
Genre J-Pop

Goin'on is the eleventh CD single by i☆Ris and also their sixth PriPara related single. It will be released on February 17th, 2016.


  1. Goin'on
  2. Baby...
  3. Kirari (キラリ)
  4. Goin'on (Instrumental)
  5. Baby... (Instrumental)
  6. Kirari (Instrumental)

Featured Singers


Album Audio

Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal Goin'on 4:39
01. Goin'on
Vocal Baby... 4:16
02. Baby...
Vocal Kirari 3:51
03. Kirari
Instrumental Goin'on 4:39
03. Goin'on (Instrumental)
Instrumental Baby... 4:16
04. Baby... (Instrumental)
Instrumental Kirari 3:49
06. Kirari (Instrumental)



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