Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord (ガァルマゲドンレッドダイヤ) was first seen worn by Gaaruru in Episode 104. It is a cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It resembles the Gaarumageddon Pink Heart Coord, Gaarumageddon Blue Club Coord, Gaarumageddon White Spade Coord and the Gaarumageddon White Heart Coord.


Episode Image User
104, 105, 106, 153, 154
Ep 104 12



A corset composed of a dark red ruffled top and a black lower section. Wrapped beneath the chest is a black leather section adorned with two silver diamonds on each side, along with red vertical lines. Between them are two dark red leather strips, each with a single silver spade. Two dark red straps hang beneath this, each with a silver heart. On top of the chest is a large silver club with a chain hanging from it to a white, red, and black striped ribbon on the other side of the chest. Four silver card symbols hang from the chain, while a large silver heart with a dark red heart on top of it rests at the center of the ribbon. Hanging from the ribbon are three silver pearl chains. Black material covers the back and shoulder, connected to a dark red lace choker, adorned with a silver diamond. Comes with black lace gloves with a silver ornate design on the arm.


A red to dark gray pleat tutu lined with dark red ruffles. The waistband is solid black, and print on the skirt are shiny white and red card symbols. The back of the skirt is ruffled and appears much longer, with the same gradient and gold glitter coating.


Black boots with dark red string and a platform silver sole. On the outer side of the foot rests a small silver spade. Comes with vertical striped stockings of red, dark purple, and black. Attached to the black cuff are two silver charms, one diamond and one club, with a black strap connected from the club to the skirt. Two silver chains wrap around the top of the left leg.


A silver heart with a dark red curled heart drawn on top of it, attached to a black, white, and dark red striped bow. Two silver chains hang beneath it.


Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord is a Super Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Garumageddon Red Dia Tops

Garumageddon Red Dia Skirt

Garumageddon Red Dia Shoes

Garumageddon Red Dia Hair Accessory

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