A Friends Ticket is the top part of a PriTicket that you can trade with friends. They are earned after doing an audition or performance.

Exchanged PriTickets

Season 2


  • In Episode 2, it was revealed that you don't actually have to perform with someone to exchange tickets, as Laala traded tickets with Eiko, whom she didn't perform within that episode.
  • Shion Todo is the first character to refuse trading friend tickets (not counting Sophie, who accepted it before returning it).
    • She also is the first to trade them forcefully. 
  • If you exchange Friends Tickets as a trio, you form a small ceremony, and each person recites one part of an acronym for PriPara. A translated version will be added below:
    • P - Promise, to believe in friendship. (Person 1) (Puromisu, yuujou o shinjite.)
    • Ri - Rhythm, which is carved in our hearts. (Person 2) (Rizumu, kizande.)
    • PaParadise, our goal. (Person 3) (Paradaisu, motomete.)
  • ~Exchanges Friends Tickets~
    • Ra We swear to stand on stage as one. (All together) (Raibu suru koto, koko ni chikaimasu.)
  • Friends Tickets used to be cut with a pair of scissors instead of snapped. They were called PriCoupons, and looked different as well
  • In season 3,friend ticket exchange rarely.


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