Friendly Sweets Party
PriPara Party 11
Kanji Name N/A
Romanized Name N/A
Creator SoLaMi♡SMILE
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka, Mirei Minami & Sophie Hojo

Friendly Sweets Party is a new Making Drama that was first performed by SoLaMi♡SMILE in Episode 47.

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Candy Alamode coords since the 2015 series. This is the alternative drama type that rare coords could use only, while the previous Fresh Sweets Park from Candy Alamode can still be driven by normal coords.

Characters Appearances


A hungry and worn out Laala and Sophie sit on the floor when Mirei flies down towards them, bringing several macaron and jelly beans with her. Mirei bites one of the macaron and highfives Laala and Sophie, each of which are now holding various sweet pastries. The curtains behind them open to reveal the girls in front of one large cupcake and four smaller ones surrounding them.

Anime Appearance

Episode Image Performer/s
PriPara Party 11



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In Game

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