Freshly Picked Orange Coord (もぎたてオレンジ) is from the brand Candy Alamode, and was first worn by Mirei Minami in Episode 06. It is a Pop Type coord. This coord is similar to the Freshly Picked Lime Coord, and the Miracle Berry Coord, except for the color.


Episode Image User
Mirei this episode coord

Mirei Minami

Coord Highlights

"A new design from the Popular Pop-Style brand Candy Alamode."

"The Fresh Lime and Fresh Orange Coords. Candy Alamode's two most popular coords right now. Let's PriPara!"



A white top with a thick burnt orange strip goes diagonally across it with a neon green band lining the top. Worn on top of this is a yellow jacket with stripes of burnt orange, fuchsia, red, and light orange. Small amounts of glitter can be seen in certain parts, while on the right side of the chest there is a big slice of fruit with blueberries. On the left side is an even bigger slice with strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. On each side of the sleeves are spheres of glittering yellow and orange. The top comes with two fruit slice bracelets with a single strawberry.


Glittering orange pumpkin pants that have huge yellow and orange spots. Each cuff on the leg is fuchsia-magenta with two buttons and orange orbs and a bit of green material coming out of them. Lowly worn is a half-slice belt with strawberries and blueberries.


Bright red and orange pumps with slight pointed toes and yellow spots. At each ankle is a blueberry anklet with big slice attached to it, as well as white frilled material on top. Worn with neon yellow socks with orange and red line-detail, and orbs of orange and yellow on top.


A glittering hair piece consisting of a huge fruit slice, three blueberries, two strawberries, and two kiwi with heart-shaped centers.


Freshly Picked Orange Coord is a PriPara Rare Pop type coord from the brand Candy Alamode. It first appeared in the 2014 1st Live Collection.


  • This coord shares the same Bottoms and Shoes with the Freshly Picked Lime Coord.
  • This coord only shares the Shoes with the Miracle Berry Coord, not the bottoms.
  • This cord is called freshly picked orange colored because of its outfit.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Fresh Picked Orange Top

Fresh Picked Orange Bottoms

Fresh Picked Orange Shoes

Fresh Picked Orange Hair Accessory

Official Arts


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