Freshly Picked Blood Orange Coord (ブラッドオレンジもぎたて) has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord is a Cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI.





A white top with a neon collar and a thick diagonal red stripe is worn beneath an orange sequined parka. The zipper is red, while the sleeve cuffs are red, fuchsia, and burnt orange striped. A streak of lime goes down the arm, while around the bottom is material of goldenrod. On the torso are two lines of red and a fuchsia scallop-shaped line. The hood is burnt orange with lining of hot pink. Sewn to the chest are two glittering ornaments, one is a large slice of blood orange, accented with two kiwi, three blueberries, and two strawberries. On the opposite side is a smaller slice and three blueberries. Sewn on the side of the arm are three spheres, one large orange, two smaller red, each with dot patterns. Comes with fruit charm bracelets composed of blood orange slices and strawberries.


Sequined red and burnt orange pumpkin pants with large orange dot print. Beneath the waist is a chain of blood orange slices, blueberries, and strawberries. The leg cuff is violet with two orange buttons, a single red polka-dot sphere, and light green scallop-shaped material.


Violet shoes with three gold buttons on each side of the foot, surrounding a section of burnt orange. Two ruffled white pieces of material stick out from the top, adorned with a blueberry chain accented with a single slice of blood orange. Comes with glittering orange knee-socks with red designs and a ring of red and orange alternating spheres, each with a polka-dot pattern.


A slice of blood orange accented with two kiwi, two strawberry, and three blueberries. Accenting them are shining dots to give them a wet appearance.


Freshly Picked Blood Orange Coord is a Cool Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Freshly Picked Blood Orange Parka

Freshly Picked Blood Orange Pants

Freshly Picked Blood Orange Shoes

Freshly Picked Blood Orange Accessory

Official Arts

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