Fortune Party L Cyalume Coord (フォーチュンパーティー サイリウムR) first debuted in Episode 14 and was first worn by Leona West. The coord is from Fortune Party, and is a Pop type coord. This coord is very similar to Fortune Party D Cyalume Coord. This coord is the predecessor to the Dream Fortune Party R Cyalume Coord. This coord is used as a casual coord from Episode 28 - Episode 38.


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Every episode Leona Cyalume Changes (Episodes 14 - 27)

Leona's Casual Coord (Episode 29 - Episode 38)


Leona West



A dress composed of a white sailor blouse that has a yellow bodice held by four gold buttons, a red collar with stripes of white and blue around the hem, and red sleeve cuffs. On the right corner is a blue ribbon with one tail slightly shorter than the other and white stripes inches from the bottom. Sewn to the center is a gold star with a music note etched on it. The white ruffled skirt has three alternating pleat layers covering the right side, coming in red, white, and blue, and sewn to the left front and right back corners is a red version of the chest ribbon, with yellow and white tails. The white belt has a gold buckle. Included are red wrist pieces with white and blue stripes inches from the top and a white ruffled border.


Red shoes with a white sole and a yellow cuff. On top is a blue bow with a music note star. Included are light pink stockings with a white and red striped cuff.


A white sailor cap with a blue rim and music note star on the corner with red and white ribbon.


Fortune Party L Cyalume Coord is a Pop Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Fortune Party. It first appeared in the first wave of Cyalume Coord Challenge Collection.


  • This is also the first Cyalume Coord to have 2 variants.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Fortune Party L Cyalume Dress

Fortune Party L Cyalume Boots

Fortune Party L Cyalume Hair Accessory

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