Flower Ring Coord (フラワーリング) is a natural-type coord from the brand CoCo Flower. It first debuted in the Divine 2016 Vol.5 Collection. It shares its shape with the My Design coords.





A pale peach and white dress with a balloon skirt and a pattern of flowers covering it. The cuff is lined with a strip of peach ruffles to match that on the bottom of the skirt. A white ring circles the chest, collar, and each hip with splashes of green, orange, and mauve. The same colors adorn the peach belt. Comes with a peach choker with a white heart on it.


White shoes with a peach platform sole to accent the slightly darker cuff and the ribbon sewn to it. Peach gradient tube socks are included with a white frilly cuff adorned with the colorful rings from the dress.


Flower Ring Coord is a Normal coord from the brand CoCo Flower. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.5 Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Flower Ring One-Piece

Flower Ring Shoes


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