Flower Magic Cyalume Coord (フラワーマジックサイリウム) is a Premium type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord resembles the Dreaming Girl Cyalume Coord, and the Happy Colorful Cyalume Coord.





A short baby pink dress with gold pearl chains wrapped around the middle of the torso. The bottom has two strips of frills and a section of white and azure striped fabric that has tiny holes cut out of it. Above the top frills is a gold star pattern. Sewn over the dress is a glittering light green layer is included with white ruffled lining and a frilly strip on the hips, bound by a green pearl chain. Sewn to the skirt are large colorful ribbons of pink, green, light purple, and azure in a variety of sizes and shape. On the chest is a pink tulle with white frill lining and strips of green and white striped fabric alternating with lavender tulle. A turquoise ribbon rests on the chest with a gold star in the middle. Green an white straps reside on each shoulder, and the user gains puffed white sleeves beneath it, accent by a colorful star and pieces of colorful tulle hanging from it. The inside of the dress is azure with a violet star and dot pattern. The user gains a colorful choker with several accents.


Azure platform wedges with a white tulle on the toe and circling the foot insert. A styled pink and yellow heart decorates the foot strap, along with a single light green wing, which resides on the back corner of the foot. Comes with pastel stockings of pink, green, and azure, each color separated by a white curving line with tiny gold stars at each point. The cuff is light gold with pale pink ruffled trim and a lavender ribbon sewn to a mint layer and a gold star.


A white tiara covered in tiny gold studs and slightly bigger pearl blue pieces. Pink rounded gems adorn the accessory, along with five lime-colored stones.


Flower Magic Cyalume Coord is a Premium Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

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Flower Magic Cyalume Dress

Flower Magic Cyalume Shoes

Flower Magic Cyalume Accessory

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