Fairytale Clock Chic Time Coord (メルヘンクロックときのシック) is a Premium-type Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Fairytale Clock Gorgeous Time Coord, Fairy Tale Clock Coord, Märchen* Clock Lawson Collaboration Coord, and Ice Fairy Tale Clock Coord.





A black glittering top with a golden, ornate border on both the top and bottom adorned by glittering royal blue fabric. Matching puffed fabric hangs beneath the shoulders, trim by two pieces of black fabric lined with gold lace. The same fabric lines the top of the chest and lower corner of the bottom. On the side of the chest is a grey glittering ribbon striped with solid white and thin gold lines, while lace lines the ribbon. In the center is a clock ornament with two gold chains that have hearts hanging from them, along with two clock hands to match the ornament on top of the chest. On each wrist is a ribbon to match that on the chest.


A glittering royal blue skirt with a black clock design and  trim of black ruffled fabric that has a indigo roman numeral design. An indigo gradient glittering ruffled layer sticks out beneath this, while over it is a golden frame made of several designs, including tiny shapes, ornate hearts, roman numerals, and lines with a clock hand dangling from it. On the right hip is a clock on a gold border. The waistband is glittering black and indigo striped.


Midnight blue glittering pumps with a gold sole and the upper foot cut out. The ribbon from the chest and wrists adorns each ankle. A large, golden clock hand shaped ornament adorns the front of each leg.


A large white and grey glittering ribbon with thin gold lines to accent the lace lining. In the center is a black and white clock on a gold border.


Fairytale Clock Chic Time Coord is a Premium Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Fairytale Clock Chic Time Top

Fairytale Clock Chic Time Skirt

Fairytale Clock Chic Time Shoes

Fairytale Clock Chic Time Accessory

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