Escort Pink Coord(エスコートピンク) is a Celeb type coord from the brand Brilliant Prince.





A pink-rose gown composed of a jacket and short-pant on top of a white ruffled top. The jacket has gold lining around the bottom, along with a frilly piece of material sewn to it. On each shoulder is a pink-lemonade ruffled ornament lined in gold, while the cuff is white with gold lining and a white feather sewn to the side. Going up mid-arm is a row of gold buttons, while similar ornaments are sewn to the lower torso. Around the neck is a white lapel lined in gold. Attached to the collar is a black bow with a gold medallion in the middle, along with a cravat lined with gold. Hanging from the back of the pants are six pink gradient petals, each with white piping and designs.


Tall pink boots with four, very thin piped white lines going up the center. The cuff is white with gold lining to match the two lines going up and down each side of the boot. White feathers are sewn to the back of the ankle. 


Escort Pink Coord is a Celeb PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Brilliant Prince. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2015 5th Live.



Official Coord

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Escort Pink One-Piece

Escort Pink Shoes


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