The following is a list of episodes of the PriPara series.

Season 1

# Title Featured Song Air Date
1 アイドル始めちゃいました

AIDORU Hajimechaimashita
Episode 01 - I Became an Idol

Make it! 07-05-2014
Laala Manaka is a normal 5th grader living a normal life. That is until she is thrown into the world of PriPara!
2 約束やぶっちゃダメぷりっ

Yakusoku Yabuccha Dame Puri-!
Episode 02 - You Can't Break a Promise, Pri!

Make it! 07-12-2014
Laala enjoyed her experience in PriPara and promised Mirei to perform again. However, there is a problem - Laala's school bans PriPara for elementary school students!
3 チーム解散?困るクマ~!

Chimu kaisan? Komaru-Kuma!
Episode 03 - Team Breakup? No Way-Kuma~!

Solar Flare Sherbet
Make it!

With Laala now active in PriPara, Mirei puts her through a grueling training regime that Laala struggles to do. Now Laala is in charge of creating a Making Drama!
4 かしこま!元気 For You

Kashikoma! Genki For You
Episode 04 - Kachikoma! Cheer For You!

Make it! 07-26-2014
Laala's number one fan wants her to perform to help her with an upcoming tennis match. Laala promises to help, but Headmistress Gloria keeps getting in the way!
5 あたし, そふぃさんと歌いたいワニ!

Atashi, Sofi-san to Utaitai Wa Ni!
Episode 05 - I Wanna Sing With Sophie!

Solar Flare Sherbet
Make it!

After learning about a trio competition, Laala is determined to get a specific girl for her and Mirei's trio; Sophie Hojo.
6 異議あり? らぁらがウチ二やってきたっぷり!

Igiari? Laala ga Uchi ni Yattekitappuri!
Episode 06 - Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!

Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha!
Solar Flare Sherbet

Because the practice rooms are packed during the summer, and the Headmistress visits Laala's house, Laala and Mirei take a visit to Mirei's house and...
7 レッドフラッシュを探して…

Reddo Furasshu o Sagashite...
Episode 07 - Looking For A Red Flash...

Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha!

Solar Flare Sherbet

Laala runs into Sophie in her regular form, and rushes to find a pickled plum that Sophie wants. But her fan club and Usagi are determined to keep anyone from finding out about Sophie's secret - it would be a scandal!
8 ドキドキ!夏だ!水着だ!プールでかしこまっ♪

Dokidoki! Natsu da! Mizugi da! Pūru de Kashikoma-♪
Episode 08 - Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Caspice at the Pool

Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha!
Solar Flare Sherbet
Make it!
Laala and Nao plan to go to the pool since Laala hasn't been to one all summer. However, Laala forgets she has an audition that day, but she doesn't want to break their play date. Will she manage?
9 ときめきアイドル大集合!

Tokimeki Aidoru Daishūgō!
Episode 09 - Exciting Idol Gathering

Make it! 08-30-2014
Sophie and Laala are unanimously picked to be partners on a game show! If they win, Laala can perform with Sophie! But they also have opponents, a fancy mode time limit, and more obstacles.
10 秋色ラブリーライブ

Aki-iro Raburī Raibu
Episode 10 - Autumn-Colored Lovely Live

Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha! 09-06-2014
Laala and Mirei are struggling to focus on their upcoming performance. However, when they try run into Love Tochiotome, they do their best to convince her to join them in PriPara. Will Love help them out in return?
11 どうする?どうなる!? 3人目!!!

Dōsuru? Dōnaru!? Sanninme!!!
Episode 11 - What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!

Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha!
Make it!
Solar Flare Sherbet
After Sophie suddenly rejects them, Laala and Mirei must try to find a third member while Sophie deals with her controlling manager.
12 はばたけ、そふぃ!

Habatake, Sofi!
Episode 12 - Fly, Sophie!

Pretty Prism Paradise!
Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha!
Laala is motivated to "free" Sophie from her "cage", and make her happy again.
13 空見て笑って♡チーム名発表!

Sora Mite Waratte♡Chīmu Mei Happyō!
Episode 13 - Smile at the Sky♡Team Name Announced!

Pretty Prism Paradise! 09-27-2014
Sophie, Laala, and Mirei start training, but Sophie has never trained before, so she gets tired quickly.
14 ライバル登場! イゴ、よろしく!!

Raibaru Tōjō! Igo, yoroshiku!!
Episode 14 - A Rival Appears! I'll Be Counting On You From Now On!!

No D&D Code 10-04-2014
With her decision to become an idol, Shion is thrust into PriPara with no pre-set plans. She is soon met and promised the revenge she wishes to gain and joins the twin unit of Dorothy and Leona, which is led by the once-defeated Usagi.
15 一触即発? シオンVSみれぃぷりっ!

Isshoku Sokuhatsu? Sion tai Mirei-puri!
Episode 15 - Critical Situation? Shion VS Mirei-Pri!

Pretty Prism Paradise!
No D&D Code
Shion and Mirei both argue. A lot. Because of this, they try to settle their differences in every (and any) way they can. So when they bring in their unitmates into this, who will win this fierce battle of pride?
16 特ダネ!らあらのヒミツばれちゃった!?

Tokudane! Raara no Himitsu Barechatta!?
Episode 16 - Exclusive! Laala's Secret is Out of the Bag!?

Pretty Prism Paradise! 10-18-2014
Nene Tokuda has been tasked with discovering the reasons behind Laala's strange behaviour lately. But will the girls be able to convince her not to report what she discoveres to Headmistress Gloria?
17 恐怖のハロウィン! ジャック・OH!蘭たん!?

Kyōfu no Harouin! Jakku-OH! Ran-tan!?
Episode 17 - Halloween Terror! Jack・OH! Ran-tan!

Pretty Prism Paradise! 10-25-2014
It's Halloween! At PriPara, Laala has signed up to be a ghost at the haunted house. There, she meets a girl named Ran who is too cute to scare anyone.
18 レオナ、全力ダッシュなの!

Reona, Zenryoku Dasshu nano!
Episode 18 - Leona, All-Out Dash!

Pretty Prism Paradise!
No D&D Code
Leona and Dorothy transfer to Paprika Private Academy and quickly gain the attention of their peers. Leona is then tasked to make a brand-new Making Drama, while dealing with a rowdy group of little kids! 
19 みれぃとクマ、運命の出会いぷりクマ!

Mirei to Kuma, Unmei no Deai-puri-kuma!
Episode 19 - Mirei and Kuma, A Fated Encounter-Pri-Kuma!

Pretty Prism Paradise! 11-08-2014
It's been one year since Mirei became an idol. Laala learns that Mirei became an idol while she was still in elementary school! This shocking discovery leads Mirei to tell the story about how she first became an idol and met Kuma.
20 パスタVS忍者

Pasuta tai Ninja!
Episode 20 - Pasta VS Ninja!

Pretty Prism Paradise!
No D&D Code

Now that the Headmistress is closer to finding out Laala's secret, Laala finds herself in a crisis. Meanwhile, a new Omonoyaki shop opens, causing competition for Papa's Pasta. Soon, Laala and company find themselves in a promotion war. Who will win?! And will Laala manage to keep her secret?!

21 解散!?そふぃ様親衛隊

Kaisan!? Sofi-sama Shin'entai
Episode 21 - Disbandment!? Sophie-sama's Bodyguards

Pretty Prism Paradise!
No D&D Code
Solar Flare Sherbet

After being left behind by Sophie, her bodyguards begin to feel that they can no longer help her the way they could in the past, while Sophie feels she is holding them back from pursuing their own dreams. But when they decide to retire will it really be that easy? 

22 学園祭でライブクマ~!

Gakuensai de Raibukumā!
Episode 22 - Live at the School Festival-Kuma~!

Happy Pa-Lucky
Change My World

It's school festival time at Paprika Private and Mirei decides to have SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé perform at the festival. But, a new rule banning events from PriPara at the school rises, canceling the event! Will the show go on as planned? 

23 プリパラ最後の日でっすわ!

Puripara Saigo no Hi dessu wa!
Episode 23 - The Last Day of PriPara-dessu wa!

Change My World 12-06-2014

As a result of the school festival, Headmistress Gloria decides to take revenge into her own hands by banning PriPara by not only elementary school children, but to all students! Is this really the final time our heroines shine on the PriPara stage? Can they convince Headmistress Gloria that everyone can be an idol?

24 さよなら、プリパラ

Sayonara, Puripara
Episode 24 - Goodbye, PriPara!

Happy Pa-Lucky 12-13-2014

After discovering an old PriTicket in Gloria's office, Laala, Mirei, Shion, Dorothy and Leona learn that Gloria used to be an idol in PriPara! Just as Gloria finds out that both Mirei and Laala are idols, she reveals her idol past. 

25 クリスマスプレゼントフォーユー!

Kurisumasu Puresento Fō Yū!
Episode 25 - Christmas Present for You!

Realize! 12-20-2014

Laala is shocked to learn that Headmistress Gloria and her mother used to know each other when they were younger and Gloria has a change of heart about PriPara... Could this mean that everyone at Paprika Private can become idols?

26 いよいよあの子がデビューでちゅ

Iyoiyo Anoko ga Debyū-dechu
Episode 26 - That Girl Finally Makes Her Debut-dechu!


After winning the Paradise Coord in the Christmas Grand Prix, the girls meet a mysterious girl, whose unicorn friend predicts her debut! Is this the debut of a new rival for the girls?

27 あけおめでかしこま!

Akeome de Kashikoma!
Episode 27 - The New Year's Capisce!

Happy Pa-Lucky 01-10-2015

With only one month to go to win the Paradise Prize, Laala catches a cold, which leads Non to nurse her back to her peppy self. But Mirei, Sophie, Shion, Dorothy and Leona plan to cheer the sick Laala up, with noisy results!

28 プリパラ囲碁パンダでございます

Puripara Igo Panda Degozai Masu
Episode 28 - Go Battle In PriPara!

Change My World 01-17-2015

An old rival of Shion's arrives in town and challenges her to a broadcasted challenge on PriPara TV, the challenge? To succeed past Faruru! Will she succeed?

29 EZ DO グロササイズ

EZ DO Gurosasaizu
Episode 29 - EZ DO Gloxercise

Happy Pa-Lucky 01-24-2015

With only a week until the Paradise Prize competition, Laala, Sophie and Mirei are faced with a lack of training. That is until Gloria and Love put them into shape at a training camp! Will the girls survive?

30 ドキドキ!パラダイスコーデは誰のもの!?

Dokidoki! Paradaisu Kōde wa Dare no Mono!?
Episode 30 - Heart-Pounding! The Paradise Coord Belongs to Who!?

Happy Pa-Lucky
Change My World

It's finally time for the decisive battle for the final piece of the Paradise Prize!! It's SoLaMi♡SMILE vs Dressing Pafé and vs Faruru as well! The question is, who will win?

31 スマイル!そらみ♡スマイル

Smile! SoRaMi♡Sumairu
Episode 31 - Smile, SoLaMi♡Smile!

Your 100% Life

After the shocking results of the last ParaPri, Laala, Sophie and Mirei along with Shion, Dorothy and Leona, discover they have a huge mystery on their hands about Faruru and her mysterious win at the ParaPri. At school, they head to Gloria's office to crack the case, how will they solve the mystery of Faruru?

32 みれぃ、ぷりやめるってよ

Mirei, Puri Yamerutte yo
Episode 32 - Mirei Quits Saying "Pri"

Happy Pa-Lucky 02-14-2015

Valentine's Day is coming up and Amamiya is worried that he may not receive any chocolates from Mirei. On the other hand, the Valentine's Day Live is coming up and Mirei feels that as long as she has her PriPara character, she can't win. She reveals that she decided to announce that she's SoLaMi♡SMILE's Mirei, but can Amamiya's quick thinking prevent that from happening?

33 らぁらのこと、おしえて

Raara no koto, oshiete
Episode 33 - Laala, Tell Me More About You!

Pretty Prism Paradise! 02-21-2015

Faruru writes her autograph faster than everyone else, while Laala's autograph takes much longer than expected. However, she has a bigger fan group. Because of this, Faruru begins to wonder more about Laala and asks her to tell her about her idol story up until now.

34 ファルルのトモダチ

Faruru no Tomodachi
Episode 34 - Faruru's Friend

0-Week-Old 02-28-2015

Laala shows Faruru around school, but Unicorn takes away Faruru's PriPass. Faruru secretly steals it back later even though Unicorn threatens to 'horn' Faruru if she takes it again.

35 最後のステージバトル!

Saigo no Sutēji Batoru!
Episode 35 - The Last Stage Battle!

Love Friend Style

It's the final showdown for SoLaMi♡Dressing!! Will Faruru win again, and keep the Miracle Coord?! Or will SoLaMi♡Dressing turn the tables?!

36 ファルル、目覚めるでちゅーっ!!

Faruru, Mezameru dechū-!!
Episode 36 - Faruru! Please Wake Up-dechu!

Love Friend Style (Laala Solo) 03-14-2015

Faruru suddenly collapses and the blame is all on Laala! She desperately wants to save her, but will the girls be able to figure out how to awaken Faruru before its too late?!

37 奇跡よ起これ!ミラクルライブ

Kiseki yo Hokore! Mirakuku Raibu
Episode 37 - Call Forth a Miracle! Miracle☆Live!

Make it! 03-21-2015

The clock is ticking for Laala and the girls to wake up Faruru. Time is running out, but will they be able to wake her up?!

38 み~んなトモダチ、かしこま!

Mina no Tomodachi! Kashikoma!
Episode 38 - Everyone's Friends, Capisce!

Love Friend Style 03-28-2015

Today is Faruru's birthday! And Laala along with the other girls, are planning a special party just for her! Faruru finds this delightful and joins in the fun! While everyone has fun at the birthday party, Unicorn has some kind of sad loneliness inside of her.

Season 2

# Title Featured Song Air Date
39 またまたアイドル始めちゃいました!?

Matamata Aidoru Hajime Chaimashita!?
Episode 39 - Will I become an Idol Once Again!?

Dream Parade 04-04-2015
Now in the 6th grade, Laala and her friends head out to PriPara to perform live before their fans. However, it was announced that the team has disbanded! And, along with these changes come the PriPara Dream Theater, the mysterious new Cyalume Charm, and before the six friends, two new arrivals to PriPara, who are they and are they an intense duo the girls have ever faced?
40 天使と悪魔ねこぉ~ん

Tenshi to Akuma nekoon
Episode 40 - An Angel and a Devil-neko!

Devi&An☆Reversible Ring 04-11-2015
Aroma decides she wants her name made up of Herself and Dorothy as devils and Mikan and Laala as angels along with Shion as a neutral. Aromageddon is formed and they start to try and convince Laala to leave SoLaMi♡SMILE and join them instead.
41 のろわれたソロライブぷり!

Norowareta Soro Raibu puri!
Episode 41 - The Cursed Solo Live ~pri

Dream Parade 04-18-2015
Aroma's next target is Mirei, who is desperately trying to reform SoLaMi♡SMILE in time for the next live, as a new team, Aromageddon is formed. Laala gets presents which are matching ribbons for Mirei and Sophie, but Mirei's present mysteriously vanishes and she can't tell Laala and she's already said she is using the present in her next live. Can she find the present on time?
42 プラジルから来た男

Purajiru kara Kita Otoko
Episode 42 - The Man Who Came from Brazil

Devi&An☆Reversible Ring
Solar Flare Sherbet (Sakura Shower Ver.)

Sophie's dad is back in Japan after his long journey in South America. He made plum plantations abroad for Sophie, and he's come to pick her up so she can live overseas with him. Sophie does not say a word before her dad can rejoice to be together forever as father and daughter. Sophie has a choice to make: Either go overseas with her dad, or stay with her friends in Japan. Which one will she choose?
43 ドリームシアター一番乗り!クマ!

Doriimu Shiataa Ichiban Nori! Kuma!
Episode 43 - The Dream Theater Number 1! ~kuma!

Dream Parade

The Dream Theater's construction is finally complete! But the question is, who will be on the 5 member team? There's only one way to decide and that's with a sports day in PriPara, complete with an athletic meet! The winner who places first gets to perform with their team live on stage! Who will win?
44 イゴ、さらばウサ!?

Igo, Saraba usa!?
Episode 44 - Go, Farewell-usa!?

No D&D Code

Determined to get Shion and Dorothy to join Aromageddon, Aroma and Mikan trick Shion and Dorothy into thinking the other joined Aromageddon already, causing Shion and Dorothy to have a major fight and refuse to reform Dressing Pafe. Can they end the Dressing Pafe catastrophe before it's too late?
45 となりのクラスの悪魔なの

Tonari no Kurasu no Akuma nano
Episode 45 - The Devil from the Neighboring Class ~nano!

Devi&An☆Reversible Ring

Mikan and Aroma are actually elementary students from Paprika Private Academy, Laala's school. Aromageddon wanted to form their Dream Team with SoLaMi♡SMILE but after Mirei disagrees, they had no other choice but to form with Dressing Pafé.
46 でび&えん保育園!ケロ?

Debi & En Hoikuen! Kero?
Episode 46 - Devi&An Preschool! Ribbit?

Devi&An☆Reversible Ring

When Mikuru and Anko's dog, Kero, suddenly runs away, Laala, Mikan and Aroma must find him. Along the way, Mikan told Laala the story of how she and Aroma met and how Aroma got herbdevil character.
47 あろまにはナイショなの♪

Aroma ni wa Naisho nano
Episode 47 - Keep it a Secret from Aroma ~nano♪

Dream Parade

Aroma's birthday is coming up and Mikan wants to surprise her with a birthday cake so she asks SoLaMiSMILE to help. However, Mikan's appetite makes it near impossible to finish the cake. Can they make the cake in time for Aroma's birthday?
48 6月6日、絶交アイドル

Rokugatsu Muika, Zekkō Aidoru
Episode 48 - June 6, Falling Out Idols

Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday 06-6-2015
After witnessing Mikan eating cake with SoLaMi♡SMILE, Aroma announced Aromageddon is disbanded and that is the end of the Angel and Demon. Mikan, however, is determined to give Aroma her present and apologize.
49 いもうとよ

Imōto yo
Episode 49 - That's My Little Sister

No D&D Code 06-13-2015
The Summer Dream Idol Grand Prix is on its way. While discussing it the girls meet Usagi's little sister Usacha, who came to watch her brother work as a manager for Dressing Pafé. Meanwhile a girl sets out on her journey to become an idol.
50 パルプスの少女ふわり

Parupusu no Shōjo Fuwari
Episode 50 - Fuwari, Girl of the Palps

Dream Parade 06-20-2015
The new exchange student Fuwari Midorikaze arrives at Paprika Private Academy. With the girls looking after her both sides are in for new experiences.
51 プリンス様と不幸せの青い鳥

Purinsu-sama to Fushiawase no Aoi Tori
Episode 51 - The Prince and the Blue Bird of Misfortune

Change My World 06-20-2015
The mysterious prince, Hibiki Shikyoin, finally makes her appearance at Paprika Private Academy. Meanwhile Fuwari is planning her debut, starting with finding her manager, which is known as "The Blue Bird of Misfortune" ?!?

ふわり舞う!初ライブトリ! Fuwari Mau! Hatsu Raibu tori
Episode 52 - Fuwari Dances! First Live ~tori!

Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo 07-04-2015
It's finally time for Fuwari's debut but before she is faced with her princess training by Gloria. After a run in with Hibiki she sets out for her debut with her mind made up.

み~んなプリパラ禁止命令 Mi~nna Puripara Kinshi Meirei
Episode 53 - E~veryone's on a PriPara Prohibition Order

Change My World

Dream Parade

Laala wakes up from a nightmare where PriPara was closed. Running to check it out she meets up with Dorothy only to find PriPara empty. What could be the cause for everyone's disappearance?

あくまのミュージアムクマ! Akuma no Myūjiamu kuma!
Episode 54 - The Devil's Museum ~kuma!

Devi&An☆Reversible Ring 07-18-2015
With the three units trying to get Fuwari to join their teams, Aroma invites them to the haunted PriPara museum. The outcome of her plan might be different than what Aromageddon expected...
55 プリンスとヤギとデートと私!

Purinsu to Yagi to Dēto Watashi
Episode 55 - The Prince, a Goat, a Date and Me

Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo 07-25-2015
The Summer Dream Grand Prix is getting closer and closer and Fuwari still hasn't joined a team. While doing her best in her princess lessons she starts to think about her goal of becoming the perfect princess, Hibiki wishes for. Sensing her doubt she is invited on a date by Hibiki.
56 走れ!サマドリグランプリ!

Hashire! Sama Dori Guran Puri!
Episode 56 - Run! Summer Dream Grand Prix!

Bold SUMMER ADVENTURE 08-01-2015
Hibiki called on the Celebrity 4 for help, who take their task a little too serious. While trying to escape their grasp a number of Cyalume Charms start to shine bright.
57 ジーニアスって何パンダ?

Jīniasu tte Nani panda?
Episode 57 - What's a Genius ~panda?

Bold SUMMER ADVENTURE 08-08-2015
After Fuwari's change of heart she wants to go back to the palps. When a shadow falls over a performance a plan is being revealed.
58 かえってきたファルルでちゅ

Kaettekita Faruru dechu
Episode 58 - Faruru's Come Back ~dechu

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver) 08-15-2015
Faruru makes her comeback in PriPara but she is not alone. After her time overseas she wants to reconnect with the girls and hopes for their help in solving a little problem of hers.
59 はれときどきガァルル

Hare Tokidoki Gaaruru
Episode 59 - Fair, then Partly Garuru

Dream Parade 08-22-2015
Garuru goes missing and thus a big search for her is starting but that doesn't stay as the only problem the girls will have to solve.
60 夏だ!プールでラブMAX!

Natsu da! Pūru de Rabu MAX!
Episode 60 - It's Summer! MAX Love at the Pool!

Change My World 08-29-2015
Summer has come around and everybody enjoys their time at the pool. With their Summer Dream Parade tickets stolen, Dorothy decides that she is going to prove the Thieving Genius wrong, when a suspicious person appears.
61 クールスキャンダル☆恐縮です

Kūru Sukyandaru☆Kyōshuku desu
Episode 61 - Cool Scandal☆I'll Gladly Oblige

Dream Parade

Happy Pa-Lucky
Pretty Prism Paradise! 
Solar Flare Sherbet
Make it!
Love Friend Style

Hibiki prepares a special "Red Flash" for Sophie, making her super energized. With her new power Sophie decides to break a record in Pripara.
62 シオンVSひびき

Shion VS Hibiki
Episode 62 - Shion VS Hibiki

Absolute Life of a final show Girl 09-12-2015
Hibiki sets her sight on Shion next and intends to pull her into her plans. With questions thrown her way Shion thinks about her goals when she began her idol career.
63 トモチケは世界を救う

Tomochike wa Sekai wo sukuu
Episode 63 - Friends Tickets Will Save the World

Realize! 09-19-2015
With the Thieving Genius still on everyones mind SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé decide to let SoLaMi♡Dressing make a comeback and set up an event to lift everyones spirit.
64 ハムとあじみ

Hamu to Ajimi
Episode 64 - Ham and Ajimi

Panic Labyrinth 09-26-2015
The PriPara Police Departement is looking for new recruits to catch the Thieving Genius. While trying to solve the task given to them the girls encounter a new idol.
65 ダ・ヴィンチ・コーデ

Episode 65 - The Da Vinci Coord

Panic Labyrinth 10-05-2015
Even after becoming the new art teacher at Paprika Private Academy, Ajimi continues to fill both PriPara and Parajuku with her graffiti. However, after being asked along with Cosmo to design the coord from the Autumn Dream Idol Grand Prix, Ajimi challenges her to a designing contest...
66 秋のテラコズミックグランプリ!

Aki no Tera Kosumikku Guran Puri!
Episode 66 - The Terra-cosmic Autumn Grand Prix!

Omuomurice 10-12-2015
It's time for the Autumn Grand Prix. With the unexpected formation of a new Dream Team, how will their friends react and who will win the competition?
67 めがジーニアスって何パンダ?

Mega Jīniasu tte Nani panda?
Episode 67 - What's a Mega Genius ~panda?

Omuomurice 10-19-2015
The Winner of the Autumn Dream Parade Coord has been decided. Now to show off the idols new received prize but the girls stay alert, hoping that they can protect their tickets.
68 ほら~!ハッピーハロウィンにゃ

Hora~! Happī Harouin nya
Episode 68 - Heya! Happy Hallowen ~nya

Pretty Prism Paradise! 10-26-2015
Once again the Thieving Genius was successful, bringing everyones mood to a new low. With the Halloween celebration in PriPara, Laala proposes a fun competition.
69 あぶないプリパラポリス最前線にほえろ

Abunai Puripara Porisu Saizensen ni Hoero
Episode 69 - The Dangerous PriPara Police, Holler at the Forefront

Dream Parade
Ajimi is still trying to catch the Thieving Genius, who leaves some people starting to admir them. When she can't think of a way to catch them on her own, she decides that it's time for some team work.
70 プリンセス・ファルル

Episode 70 - Princess Faruru

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver) 11-09-2015
Faruru makes another comeback to participate in the Dream Parade Grand Prix and plans several activities in PriPara for her fans. Her appearance however doesn't go unnoticed as a certain person sets sight on Faruru's abilities.
71 誕生日の約束、かしこまっ!

Tanjoubi no Yakusoku, Kashikoma-!
Episode 71 - A Birthday Promise, Capisce-!

Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday


It's Laala's birthday! With everyone in PriPara wishing to express their wishes for her, one person retreats and remembers their childhood and how their friendship went so far.
72 かしこまミステリー プリパラ連続ダ・ヴィンチ事件

Kashikoma Misuterī Puripara Renzoku Da・Vinchi Jiken
Episode 72 - Capisce Mystery: The PriPara Serial da Vinci Incidents

Panic Labyrinth
Rina, Gloria's beloved vacuum friend, lies unconscious on the ground. With a clue left behind Ajimi, along with the PriPara Police, start their investigations. Meanwhile Faruru keeps getting visited by a certain someone.
73 彼女がデビューする日

Kanojo ga Debyū suru Hi
Episode 73 - That Girl's Debut Date

Pure・Amore・Love 11-30-2015
The clues are closing in on one person, when said person decides to come clean officially, revealing plans, believes and a surprising fact.
74 紫京院ひびきの華麗なる日常

Shikyōin Hibiki no Karei naru Nichijō
Episode 74 - Hibiki Shikyoin's Splendid Everyday Life

Pure・Amore・Love 12-07-2015
With the revealation of the Thieving Genius's identity everyone copes with the new information differently, while the culprit itself continues her everyday life. With an open challenge, both sides start to think about ways to beat the other.
75 イゴーイング・マイウェイ

Igōingu・Mai Uei
Episode 75 - Going・My Way

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver) 12-14-2015
In the aftermath two idols are left to decide whether to take up an offer or not, while another bids farewell to PriPara, Faruru has an announcement to make.
76 ハッピーバイバイXマスなの

Happī Baibai Kurisumasu nano
Episode 76 - Happy Bye-Bye Xmas ~nano

Reversible Ring
Hibiki still needs to decide on the final member of her Dream Team. Christmas comes around and the angel-devil-pair meet two little friends again, after their performance the Cyalume Charms start to shine bright.
77 対決!ウィンターグランプリ

Taiketsu! Uintā Guran Puri
Episode 77 - Showdown! Winter Grand Prix

Miracle ☆ Paradise
What a WonderPri World!!
It's time for the Winter Dream Idol Grand Prix! With the two rivaling Dream Teams decided, the outcome remains uncertain. While one team trains hard to give their best another goes a different route.
78 レッツ・ゴー!セレパラ!!

Rettsu・Gō! Serepara!!
Episode 78 - Let's・Go! CelePara!!

What a WonderPri World!! 01-11-2016
The CelePara system goes into action and comes with many changes and an idol who wishes to leaver her team. How will the girls react to the new rules?
79 アイドル終了ぷり

Aidoru Shūryō Puri
Episode 79 - Idol End ~pri

Virtual Idol
Solar Flare Sherbet
Unable to perform Mirei questions if being an idol is still neccessary. Meanwhile Hibiki called up a new member for her Dream Team but she can't arrive in time which leads to an unxecpected performance.
80 ポップ・ステップ・ガァルル!

Episode 80 - Pop・Step・Garuru!

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver) 01-25-2016
Mirei is still set on quitting as an idol. Among the CelePara system another idol, trying to make her debut, is confronted with its new rules. Thinking about a solution Meganii seems to be able to help the girls.Meanwhile Garuru is eager for her debut perfom but she got rejected by Meganee.
81 地下アイドル始めました

Chika Aidoru Hajimemashita
Episode 81 - I Became an Underground Idol

Make it!
Happy Pa-Lucky
Your 100% Life
0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver)
Fuwari and Ajimi remain on their travel. Meanwhile the girls are spreading the word about their own stage around CelePara, where every idol can perform.
82 ガァルマゲドンのデビタインデー

Gaarumagedon no Debitain Dē
Episode 82 - Garumageddon's Devitine's Day

Dream Parade
Reversible Ring
Valentine's Day has arrived in the new CelePara. In celebration Hibiki plans a big party for everyone. Aromageddon wants to use this as their chance to get more people to come to their stage and give Hibiki a little payback.
83 ベルサイユのくるくるちゃんダヴィンチ!

Perusaiyu no Kurukuru-chan da Vinchi!
Episode 83 - Kurukuru-chan of Persailles ~da Vinci

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver) 02-15-2016
Hibiki raises the defenses of the CelePara Palace in reaction to Ajimi's return but she isn't the only one returning. Coming to CelePara Laala and her friends have to explain to them what changed while Ajimi has a surprise for them.
84 ポップ・ステップ・ぷりぷりぷり!

Episode 84 - Pop・Step・Pri-Pri Pri!

Pe~rfect with Pri 02-22-2016
Ajimi and Fuwari try to reach out to Hibiki in their own way, at the same time Andou comes to the girls to tell them what Hibiki wants to wish for when she wins the Dream Parade. By the rules not allowed to perform, Mirei sets everything on a bet with Hibiki.
85 逆襲のセレブリティ4

Gyakushū no Sereburiti 4
Episode 85 - The Revenge Of Celebrity 4

Twin Mirror♥Compact 02-29-2016
The Spring Dream Grand Prix is right around the corner and Hibiki is left with an open spot. This is where the Celebrity 4 jump in and offer their assistance, when Hibiki tells them she already decided on the final member they try to put the odds in their favor.
86 つかめ、春のグランプリ!

Tsukame, Haru no Guran Puri
Episode 86 - Win the Spring Grand Prix!

Around・the・PriPara Land! 03-07-2016
Now it's time for the final showdown. With the two Dream Teams decided they are set to try their hardest to win the competition and reach their goals.
87 語尾の果て

Gobi no Hate
Episode 87 - The End of Gobi

Love Friend Style 03-14-2016
The winner has been decided but right at that moment an error occurs at CelePara.

Laala awakens in the old PriPara but nobody knows each other anymore?

88 キセキの鐘をならせ!

Kiseki no Kane wo Narase!
Episode 88 - Ring the Bell of Miracles!

Dream Parade
What a WonderPri World!!
Around・the・PriPara Land!
Hibiki, Ajimi and Fuwari are in trouble. The only way to save them is to ring the Charm Bell and call forth a miracle. Will the winning team succed at the Dream Parade?
89 み~んなトモダチ!み~んなアイドル!

Mi~nna Tomodachi! Mi~nna Aidoru!
Episode 89 - Everyone's Friends! Everyone's an Idol!

Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
With the Dream Parade over the girls start their daily routine again. When they arrive at school, Hibiki has an announcement for everyone.

Season 3

# Title Featured Song Air Date
90 神アイドル始めちゃいました!?

Kami Aidoru Hajimechaimashita?!
Episode 90 - I Became a Divine Idol?!

Absolute Life of a final show Girl
Twin Mirror♥Compact
Reversible Ring
To pass a certain important bill, the Meganiis from all PriParas gather in PriPara's general headquater in PriPari and hold the "Meganii Summit". At the same time in Parajuku, Laala gets to know a girl that's going to have her PriPara debut that day and shows her around.
91 ママアイドル始めちゃいました!?

Mama Aidoru Hajimechaimashita?!
Episode 91 - I Became a Mama Idol?!

No D&D Code
It's been decided that the Divine Idol Grand Prix will be held in ParaJuku's PriPara. At the same time, a mysterious baby named Jewlulu that fell from the sky won't let go of Laala. Where could it's real mother be?
92 ちょう絶クール蝶 (バタフライ)

Chouzetsu Kuuru Chou (Batafurai)
Episode 92 - The Superior Cool Butterfly

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! 04-19-2016
While searching for her mother, Laala is secretly looking after Jewlulu in school. At the same time Junon, a perfect idol wearing the official brand of the Divine Idol Grand Prix Mode, Rosette Jewel, appears in PriPara and gives her debut concert.
93 ジュルルの大冒険

Jururu no Daibouken
Episode 93 - Jururu's Great Adventure

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Ready Smile!!
After being angry at Jewlulu for causing touble in the morning, Laala forgets the Rosette Pact, in which Jewlulu still is, at home and goes to school. Laala waits for school to finish and hurries home, but a stray cat that has snuck into the room from the windows has stolen the Pact. Will Laala manage to get Jewlulu back?
94 カモンカモン・かのん!

Kamon Kamon ・ Kanon!
Episode 94 - Come on, come on ・ Kanon!

Make it!
Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
During a joint friend ticket exchange event by SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé, the last member of Triangle, Kanon, appears. Everyone wonders what personality she will have, after the unique personalities of Junon und Pinon. But Kanon seems to be quite normal and declares to be a fan of both SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé ...
95 かんぺきママみれぃ!

Kanpeki Mama Mirei
Episode 95 - Perfect Mama Mirei!

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Ready Smile!!
Mirei, who thinks that they have spoiled Jewlulu too much, get's assigned the role of Jururu's caretaker. She develops the perfect plan on how to raise her, but continued accidents prevent her plan from working out as calculated. Mirei starts to lose her self-confidence, but ...
96 アロマットカードでモーたいへん!

Aromatto Kādo de Mō Taihen
Episode 96 - I've Had Enough of Aromat Cards!

Reversible Ring 05-17-2016
Aroma, who learns that Mirei has also gotten her Super Cyalume Coord like Laala did, is burning with rivalry towards them. Wanting to find Jewlulu's secret and become a Divine Idol, she takes charge of looking after Jewlulu , but Jururu won't stop crying.
97 スーパーミラクルうめぇピーチ

Sūpā Mirakuru Umee Pīchi
Episode 97 - Super Miracle Delicious Peach

Solar Flare Sherbet (Sakura Shower Ver.)
Ready Smile!!
It is Sophie and her sister Cosmo's turn to take care of Jewlulu. However, after catching a cold, Jewlulu doesn't want to drink any peach juice, which was once her favorite drink. Wanting Jewlulu to recover, Sophie then wonders if the peach is more delicious, Jewlulu may like it. She then goes on an adventure (?) to find the miracle peach after seeing it on the news.
98 ひとり三役は大変なのん!

Hitori Sanyaku wa Taihen na non!
Episode 98 - Playing Three Roles Alone Is Hard!

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Ready Smile!!
As all three girls from SoLaMi♡SMILE got their Super Cyalume Coord, the first Divine Idol Grand Prix is about to take place. Meanwhile, Kanon and Usacha, who are preparing for the first three person concert of Triangle, reminisce about the time when they first met ...
99 青春ジャンピンスナッピン!

Seishun Janpin Sunappin!
Episode 99 - Youth Jumping Snapping!

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Run♪ for Jumping!
Ready Smile!!
The three members of Dressing Pafé get impatient by watching their rivals getting their Super Cyalume Coords one after the other. They decide to hold a training camp in order to create a new Making Drama and get recognized by Jewlie, but Dorothy brings Jewlulu to the camp ...
100 テンション100MAXだよ!

Tenshon 100 MAX da yo!
Episode 100 - Tension 100 MAX!

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Run♪ for Jumping!
Ready Smile!!
Dorothy, who get's to look after Jewlulu alone, tries everything to to put her in a good mood, but Jururu doesn't show the slightest interest in anything she does. As Jewlulu wants to escape into the Rosette Pact, Dorothy tries to stop her, but somehow both of them end up inside the Pact...!
101 キタ!神アイドルグランプリ!

Kita! Kami Aidoru Guran Puri!
Episode 101 - It has come! The Divine Idol Grand Prix!

Run♪ for Jumping!
Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Ready Smile!!
The first Divine Idol Grand Prix finally begins. The winning team will receive the first part of the Divine Idol Coord, the Divine Headpiece. Each of the teams have a serious fight between each other to get the headpiece. Which team is going to win?
102 変幻自在!ジュエルチェンジぽよ♡

Hengen jizai! Jueru Chenji poyo ♡
Episode 102 - Ever-changing Appearance! Jewel Change~poyo♡

Run♪ for Jumping!
After the first Divine Idol Grand Prix, Laala Manaka and her friends, who finally could have a rest, receive an invitation from Hibiki Shikyouin. Under Hibiki's recommendation, a famous movie director would like to let everyone take part in a movie. Just who is the movie director appearing in front of Laala and her friends who are rubbing their hands?
103 落第アイドル始めちゃいました

Rakudai aidoru hajimechaimashita
Episode 103 - I've Become a Failed Idol

Ready Smile!! 07-05-2016
As she is busy taking care of Jururu and going to PriPara, Laala always forgets to study and receives the lowest mark record on the test. Headmaster Gloria is very worried with her, and during a home visit, tells Laala that if she fails the next test, she will not be allowed to go to PriPara. Laala tries her best to work hard, but...
104 LOVE!デビル色!魔力があればなんでもデビル!

LOVE! Debiru-iro! Maryoku ga arebe nandemo debiru!
Episode 104 - LOVE! Devil Color! With Magic, the Devil can do anything!

Reversible Ring
Ready Smile!!
To celebrate the 222nd anniversary of the opening of Parajuku's PriPara, a new brand is created. It's been decided that the designer for that brand is to be chosen from among the idols that have potential for the future. And a candidate chosen for this is none other than Aroma!
105 ガァルル、目覚めるでちゅーっ!!

Gaaruru, mezameru dechu!!
Episode 105 - Garuru, wake up-dechu!

Amazing· Castle
Ready Smile!!
In order to formally form a team with her friends from Garumageddon and get a Super Cyalume Coord, Garuru wants to hold a team formation ceremony. Unicorn is afraid that Garuru, a vocal doll, will snap her PriTicket and meet the same fate as Falulu once did and fall into a slumber. Due to this, Garuru ...
106 神アイドルグランプリ終了です

Kami aidoru guran puri shuuryou desu
Episode 106 - The Divine Idol Grand Prix is Over

Amazing· Castle
Ready Smile!!
As the second round of the Divine Idol Grand Prix draws near, SoLaMi♡SMILE, Dressing Pafé and Garumageddon try to get their motivation back up. At the same time, there's an uproar between the Meganiis as Jululus existence becomes public knowledge. To decide how to deal with the situation, they hold the "Emergency Meganii Poll", that results in the discontinuation of the Divine Idol Grand Prix ...
107 緊急会議!びんわんマネージャーだクマ!

Kinkyū kaigi! Binwan manējā da Kuma!
Episode 107 - Emergency meeting! It's a talented manager ~kuma!

Virtual Idol♥
Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
Panic Labyrinth
Just My Chance Call
The mascots are meeting up with each other to have a discussion about recent events. At the same time, they were in charge of babysitting Jururu. As the discussion moves on...
108 帰ってきたプリパリ

Kaette kita PuriPari
Episode 108 - PriPari has come back

Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
Ready Smile!!
As Ajimi attempts to visit Hibiki, it turns out that Hibiki, Fuwari, and Faruru are returning to Pripara. It seems that they have decided to form a unit, but with Hibiki's past and lost of trust in friendship, will she be able to fulfill the promises during the unit ceremony...
109 サパンナからSOS

Sapanna kara SOS
Episode 109 - An SOS from Sapanna

Ready Smile!!
Run♪ for Jumping!
Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
As Laala and gang were done with their practice, they decided to take a want in the park but then they found a bottle floating in the river. It turns out that there is a message inside that bottle. After reading the message, Laala and others...
110 水泳大会ぷり!イゴ!

Suieidaikai Pri! Igo!
Episode 110 - Swimming Tournament-pri! GO!

Ready Smile!!
Change My World

As Laala and others enter Pripara, they aren't in their usual casual coords but instead in swim suits. It turns out that there is a swimming tournament going on. Falulu and Fuwari joins in the fun inviting Hibiki but Hibiki refuses. As the tournament starts...
111 子連れ怪盗まほちゃん

Kodzure Kaito Mahou-chan
Episode 111 - The Great Babysitter Thief Maho-chan

0-Week-Old (Arrange Ver)
Hibiki wants to receive her Super Cyalume Coord and is given the opportunity to take care of Jururu. Dorothy and others keep giving Hibiki advice but Hibiki doesn't take them. Kaitou Genius comes back in an attempt to steal something from the museum for Jururu...
112 恋恋ジュルル

Koi Koi Jururu
Episode 112 – Koi Koi Jururu

Ready Smile!! 09-06-2016
As the season of autumn comes along, Mirei decides that it is time to think of a new making drama. Surprisingly during the process, Jururu learns to stand up and take her first step. Mirei, Laala, and Sophie gets distracted by this which causes them to take a stroll in the park. With Mirei attempting to help Jururu grow faster so she can become Jewlie again...
113 ちりちりちりちゃん!

Chirichiri Chiri-chan
Episode 113 - Frizzy Chiri-chan!

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
It is almost time for another round Divine Idol Grand Prix and everyone is trying their best, giving their all. Meanwhile Laala meets Chiri again and invites her to enter Parajuku's PriPara together but she declines. Chiri states that she can't enter PriPara anymore because if she does...
114 急げ!神アイドルグランプリ!

Isoge! Kami Aidoru Guran Puri!
Episode 114 - Hurry up! Divine Idol Grand Prix!

Amazing· Castle
Mon Chouchou
Ready Smile!!
The day of the third Divine Idol Grand Prix draws close, and Hibiki, Falulu and Fuwari still haven't managed to form a team. Unicorn strongly blames Hibiki for not being able to say the words of the vow, to which Hibiki reacts with becoming even more sulky. When Fuwari deals the final blow to Hibiki, she goes as far as to call for the revival of CelePara ...
115 ひびけ!神アイドルグランプリ!

Hibike! Kami Aidoru Guran Puri!
Episode 115 - Resound! Divine Idol Grand Prix!

Ready Smile!!
Run♪ for Jumping!
Mon Chouchou
Tricolore has managed to form an official team just before the registration deadline for the third Divine Idol Grand Prix. Everyone has great expectations for them. Under these special circumstances and with everything on their side, Tricolore takes to the stage!
116 消えたマネージャー!謎のサパンナ少女

Kieta Manējā! Nazo no Sapanna Shōjo
Episode 116 - The Missing Managers! The Mysterious Girl from Sapanna

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! 10-04-2016
The managers and animals inside PriPara are vanishing one after the other! The solve this case, Laala and the others follow someone who seems suspicious. When they arrive at a cave, they find a single girl inside, about to eat the managers! To this girl, who has been raised by lions, even Laala and the others look like food ...
117 女神、アイドル始めちゃいました

Megami, Aidoru Hajimechaimashita
Episode 117 - The Goddess Became an Idol

Girl's Fantasy 10-11-2016
A Divine Idol captures everyone's heart, makes everyone smile and grants everyone's dream. While taking a special lesson on Divine Idols, Laala and the others become exited and want to become Divine Idols themselves even more than before. And then, all of a sudden, the goddess Jewlie appears before everyone and the whole of PriPara falls into disorder ...
118 姉と妹と姫と野獣

Ane to Imōto to Hime to Yajū
Episode 118 - The Big Sister, the Little Sister, the Princess and the Beast

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! 10-18-2016
Laala and the others are trying to solve the mystery of why Jewlulu suddenly grew up and became Jewlie. At the same time, Usacha is working on her plan to make Non, Chiri und Pepper a team for the last Grand Prix, but the three of them have totally different personalities. When Usacha is finally ready to execute her plan, she invites all three of them to dinner, but ...
119 ほら~!ハロマゲドンにゃ

Hora~! Haromagedon nya
Episode 119 - Heya! Hallomageddon ~nya

Amazing· Castle
Pretty Prism Paradise!!!
Ready Smile!!
The time for Halloween has come again, and the special guest is of course once again Ran-tan! Ran-tan is giving her best to scare everyone in the "Pumpkin Castle" that has been built in PriPara, but nobody is afraid of her. Aroma, who is unable to watch this, prepares a very special trump card for Ran-tan ...
120 甘くはいかないノンシュガー

Amaku wa Ikanai NonShugā
Episode 120 - NonSugar, Don't Be Sweet!

Sugarless×Friend 11-01-2016
The beginning of the 4th Divine Idol Grand Prix is drawing close and Non and Chiri grow impatient because they still haven't found a team. Especially Non, who still hasn't gotten up on Usacha's idea of forming a team with Chiri and Pepper. Non and Pepper make up their minds and visit Chiri at her house, but she declines due to Pepper being so obstinate. Will those three ever become a team?
121 めざめよ!女神のドレスデザイン

Mezameyo! Megami no Doresu Dezain
Episode 121 - Awaken! The Goddess's Dress Design!

Run♪ for Jumping!

Ready Smile!!

The "My Dress Design Room" opens in PriPara! It allows you to design your own coords just as you like and is crowded with idols every day. The "priPara Collection", where every idol can perform with her own Coord, is also announced. Who is going to take the lead in PriPara's fashion world?!
122 姉妹でかしこまっ!
Shimai de Kashikoma-!
Episode 122 - Capisce for Sister!
Marble Make up A-Ha-Ha! 11-15-2016
Laala and Nao's birthday comes around again. During the party, Laala is asked who she wants to do her birthday live with this year and Non is chosen. On the other hand, Non wants to decline due to the rivalry she has being Laala's little sister and her team, Nonsugar. Will Non chose to perform a live with her sister?
123 ノンシュガー漂流記
Non Shugā Hyōryūki
Episode 123 - NonSugar Drifting
Sugarless×Friend 11-22-2016
Non is trying to think of ideas so that her team members can get along with one another. At the same time of not wanting to lose to her sister, an opportunity appears. It is a deserted island challenge where team members have to stay on a deserted island for a number of days and the team members have to work together in order to survive. Non tries her best but...
124 ジュリィとジャニス
Jurī to Janisu
Episode 124 - Jewlie and Janice
Girl's Fantasy 11-29-2016
As Nonsugar is celebrating their recent performance, Solami Smile and Dressing Pafe are in the park, teaching Jururu how to walk. Then in Pripara, Jururu shows Usagi and Kuma but then she turns into Jewlie! At the same time Janice is also in her goddess form and decides to...
125 レッツ ライブ! 主役はもちろん君さ
Rettsu Raibu! Shuyaku wa mochiron kimi sa
Episode 125 - Let's Live! The Main Character is You

Jumpin' Dancin'
I Just Wanna Be With You ~Between virtual and realistic~
Shining Sparkling Runway☆
Ready Smile!!

The moment that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. With everyone trying their best to get not only the spotlight but also their very own super cyalume coords. Their very own legend starts...

メリー グランプリ
Merī Guranpuri
Episode 126 - Merry Grand Prix

Amazing· Castle
Run♪ for Jumping!
Ready Smile!!

Christmas is when the fourth Kami Idol Grand Prix takes place. For the unit Nonsugar,it is their last chance to win. But as time draws close, Chiri refuses to go to Pripara. What is her reasoning and will Non and Pepper be able to convince her?

Guranpuri wa amakunai ucha
Episode 127 - The Grand Prix is Not So Sweet ~ucha

Sugarless×Friend 12-20-2016
NonSugar arrived in time for their turn at the Grand Prix. However, Usacha decides that they must create a brand new Making Drama in the limited time they have left to stand a chance against all the other units. Meanwhile, Janice still plans on stealing the Cyalume Tact from Jewlie.

Sayonara usacha...。
Episode 128 - Goodbye, Usacha....

Sugarless×Friend 12-27-2016
Usacha promised Pepper that if Nonsugar wins the Grand Prix, she will let Pepper eat herself. Nonsugar did infact win the Grand Prix and it time for Usacha to fulfill that promise.

み〜んなにチャンス!? リベンジライブ!
Minna ni chansu!? Ribenji raibu!'
Episode 129 - E~veryone's Chance!? The Revenge Live!

Bring Back The Idols! 01-10-2017
All the runner up idols get the chance to earn the last spot to enter the Kami Idol Grand Prix. Which team will make it?

Megami no Omoi, Mama no Chikai
Episode 130 - The Goddess' Feelings, Mama's Oath

Girl's Fantasy 01-17-2017

Tengoku to Jigoku? Kessenzenya!
Episode 131 - Heaven and Hell? The Eve of the Battle!

Bring Back The Idols! 01-24-2017
On the eve before the Divine Idol Grand Prix, a lottery draw is used to choose which team will versus who in the Kami Idol Grand Prix.
132 ロッキン・ガァジラ大決戦

Rocking·Gaajira daisakusen
Episode 132 - The Rockin'・Gajira Great Battle

Amazing· Castle
Run♪ for Jumping!
The Divine Idol Final has begun. The first match is a faceoff between Dressing Pafé and Gaarumageddon, and the winner will advance straight to the finals. Who will be the one to advance?

Gobi no Kanata
Episode 133 - Beyond the Gobi

Bring Back The Idols!
Mon Chouchou

Barentain wa Amakunai
Episode 134 - Valentine's Day is Not So Sweet

Ready Smile!!

Sumairu 0-Pāsento
Episode 135 - Smile 0%

Mon Chouchou
Make it!

Sannenme no Teppan
Episode 136 - For Those Greatest Three Years

Realize! 02-28-2017

Kessen! Kami Aidoru
Episode 137 - Showdown! Divine Idol

Happy Pa-Lucky
Change My World
Ready Smile!!

Tanjō!? Kami Aidoru!
Episode 138 - Birth of a Divine Idol!?

Girl's Fantasy

Ai Furendo Yū
Episode 139 - I Friend You

My Friend Dear Friend

Mi~nna Tomodachi! Zu~tto Tomodachi!
Episode 140 - Every~one Friends! For~ever Friends!

Girl's Fantasy
Amazing· Castle
Bring Back The Idols!
Mon Chouchou
No D&D Code
Pretty Prism Paradise!!!

Idol Time PriPara

# Title Featured Song Air Date

Yumekawa aidoru hajimechaimashita!?
Episode 141 - I Became a Dreamy-Cute Idol!?

Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time! 04-04-2017
Yui Yumekawa, a girl who dreams of becoming an Idol finally gets her chance when she obtains her PriTicket and a PriPara opens up in Paparajuku. But in a town where Idoling is only for boys, will she stand a chance?

Kokohore, aidoru
Episode 142 - Digging Here, Idol

Make it! ~ReMake it☆Remix~ 04-11-2017
After being punished for trying to become an Idol, a discouraged Yui is forced to work after school. Meanwhile, Laala tries to find a hidden route to PriPara with the help of some fellow students.

Yumekawa! Meikingu Dorama!
Episode 143 - Yumekawa! Making Drama!

Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time! 04-18-2017
To improve as an Idol, Yui is tasked with performing a brand new Making Drama for her next performance. But when she continuously enters Delusion Time it's up to Laala to get her to focus.

Maido puri! Mirei yade!
Episode 144 - Nice to see you! It's Mirei!

Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha! 04-25-2017
Laala attempts to trick Mirei after she decides to pay Paparajuku a visit to see how the PriPara is. After Mirei quickly foils the girls plot, she decides to lend them a hand enlisting new Idols.

Punikon no manējā shugyō kuma!
Episode 145 - Punicorn's Manager Lesson ~kuma!

Make it! ~ReMake it☆Remix~
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
To cover his recent change in career, Kuma is requested by Laala and Yui to teach Punicorn the proper ways of a Manager.
6 ユメユメ!?男プリ潜入!
Yumeyume!? Danpuri Sennyū!
Episode 146 - Dream Dream!? Infiltrating to the BoyPara!
Make it! ~ReMake it☆Remix~
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
In hopes of discovering what makes BoyPara so popular, Yui and Laala join the Sheep Squad to sneak into it and find out what makes it so popular.
7 そふぃがやってクール!
Sofi ga Yatte Kūru!
Episode 147 - Sophie is Comiiing!
Red Flash Revolution 05-16-2017
Laala and Yui host a program in PriPara to raise attention to it. But after their special guest, Sophie fails to arrive it's up to Yui to locate her while Laala tries to buy time.
8 ライスをねらえ!
Raisu o nerae!
Episode 148 - Aim for the Rice!
Brand New·Happiness! 05-23-2017
After Nino Nijiro takes Idols lightly and refuses to join PriPara, Laala and Yui take it amongst themselves to prove to her that Idols have just as much passion as anyone else.
9 おしゃれスタジオ始めたっての
Oshare Sutajio Hajimetatte no
Episode 149 - Grand Opening of the Fashion Studio
Brand New·Happiness! 05-30-2017
While trying to convince more girls to join PriPara, they are caught off guard by Chiako, one of the Avocado Academy cheerleaders, as she plays with their hair. With that they encourage her to join PriPara to open her own Fashion Store but she is soon torn between her obligations as a Sheep Squad member and following her dreams.
10 助っ人アイドル始めたっす!
Suketto Aidoru Hajimetassu!
Episode 150 - Yo, I Became a Helper Idol!
Shuttlewise Game 06-06-2017
With a big event going on in the shopping district, Laala and Yui continue to scout Idols for PriPara, along with Nino, who they still refuse to give up on. Despite her earlier refusals, Nino finds herself reconsidering after she is met by a tougher foe.
11 投げろ!アイドルタイムグランプリ
Nagero! Aidorutaimu Guranpuri
Episode 151 - Throw it! Idol Time Grand Prix
Triangle・Star 06-13-2017
While SoLaMi Smile is doing the opening show for the Grand Prix, Mimiko decides the Disciplinary committee will play against Nino's baseball team to keep her from getting to PriPara. As this is going on Yui attempts to lend a hand as Shion returns.
12 打て!アイドルタイムグランプリ
Ute! Aidorutaimu Guranpuri
Episode 152 - Hit it! Idol Time Grand Prix
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
Shuttlewise Game
13 レッツゴー!パラ宿
Rettsu Gō! Parajuku
Episode 153 - Let's Go! Parajuku
Amazing· Castle
Twin mirror♥compact
Panic Labyrinth
Just My Chance Call
Your 100% Life
Virtual Idol♥
Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Absolute Life of a final show Girl
14 ガァルマゲドンがきた!
Gaarumagedon ga Kita!
Episode 154 - Gaarumageddon Arrived!
Amazing· Castle 07-04-2017
15 ミーチルみちる
Mīchiru Michiru
Episode 155 - Reach Me, Michiru
GOst♭Coaster 07-11-2017
16 あの地獄にさよならを
Ano Jigoku ni Sayonara wo
Episode 156 - Goodbye to the Old Jigoku
Brand New·Happiness! 07-18-2017
17 アイドル借り物バトルっす!
Aidoru Karimono Batorussu!
Episode 157 - Yo, It's An Idol Scavenger Battle!
Twin mirror♥compact
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
18 グランプリ!勝利へのエスコート
Guranpuri! Shōri e no Esukōto
Episode 158 - Grand Prix! Escort to Victory
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
Shuttlewise Game
19 旅立てアイドル!レッツ・イゴー!
Tabidate Aidoru! Rettsu・Igō!
Episode 159 - The Journey Idol! Let's Go!
No D&D Code 08-08-2017
20 ハッピー米バースデイ
Happī Mai Bāsudei
Episode 160 - Happy My Birthday
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time! 08-15-2017
21 ドキドキ!みちなる麺パラ
Dokidoki! Michinaru MenPara
Episode 161 - Exciting! The NoodlePara Enigma
GOst♭Coaster 08-22-2017
22 プール de プランス 大レース!
Pūru de Puransu Dai Rēsu!
Episode 162 - La Pool de Purance The Great Race!
Neo Dimension Go!! 08-29-2017
23 地獄アイドル始めちゃいました!?
Jigoku Aidoru Hajimechaimashita!?
Episode 163 - I Became a Jigoku Idol!?
Brand New·Happiness! 09-05-2017
Mimiko Jigoku returns and reveals that her dream was to become an idol. She enters PriPara for the first time and has her debut live. Afterwards, Yui and Laala also performs and congratulates Mimiko on her debut performance.
24 勝負っす!シオン先輩!
Shōbussu! Shion-senpai!
Episode 164 - Yo, It's a Game! Shion-senpai!
Clean Mind, Clean Hit♡Clang BUDDY 09-12-2017
25 ユメユメ!タイムスリップ
Yumeyume! Taimusurippu
Episode 165 - Dreamy-dream! A Time Slip
Make it! ~ReMake it☆Remix~
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
Shuttlewise Game
26 がんばれみちる!!
Ganbare Michiru!!
Episode 166 - Do Your Best Michiru!!
Amazing· Castle
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
27 華園しゅうかでございます
Hanazono Shūka de Gozaimasu
Episode 167 - It's Shuuka Hanazono
Miss. Prionaire 10-03-2017
28 いっちばーんがやってきた!
Icchibān ga Yattekita!
Episode 168 - Number One is Coming!
Miss. Prionaire 10-10-2017
29 グランプリ大決戦!
Guranpuri Dai Kessen!
Episode 169 - Grand Prix Large Decisive Battle!
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
Shuttlewise Game
Miss. Prionaire
The third Idol Time Grand Prix is coming up, Yui, Nino, Miichiru, and Shuuka all work their hardest to prepare for it. However, Shuuka asked Mimiko Jigoku to help her train until she is 100% perfect for the grand prix. Shuuka had almost been disqualified due to her lateness. But luckily, she arrived safely and won the third idol time grand prix.
30 ガァララとパックが夢パックン!
Garara to Pakku ga Yume Pakkun!
Episode 170 - Galala & Pakku Munch Some Dreams
Amazing· Castle 10-24-2017
31 復活!ファララ・ア・ラーム
Fukkatsu! Farara A Rāmu
Episode 171 - Revival! Falala A Larm
Sunshine Bell
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
32 WITHとプリ×プリフェスティバル!
Wizu to Puri×Puri Fesutibaru!
Episode 172 - WITH and Pri×Pri Festival!
Gira Galactic・Tightrope
Brand New·Happiness!
33 ガァララ塔のひみつっす
Garara-tō no himitsussu
Episode 173 - The Secret of Galala's Tower
Amazing· Castle
Shuttlewise Game
34 ガァララの森
Gaarara no Mori
Episode 174 - Galala's Forest
Brand New·Happiness! 11-21-2017
35 未知とのミーチル
Michi to no mīchiru
Episode 175 - Close Encounters of the Michiru Kind
GOst♭Coaster 11-28-2017
Another important factor to wake up Falala is, a dream. But Michiru could not remember her dream. Michiru can't join the team of Yui if she stay like this, and she won't feel as if she can become a force to help Falala, it will be depressed. Meanwhile, Michiru seems to hold a hint of her dream.
36 ユメ目合宿大ピンチ!
Yume-me gasshuku dai pinchi!
Episode 176 - Big Pinch in Dream Eye Camp
Believe My DREAM! 12-05-2017
37 ホップ・ステップ・グランプリ!
Hoppu suteppu guranpuri!
Episode 177 - Hop Step Grand Prix!
Miss. Prionaire
Believe My DREAM!
The 4th Grand Prix was held with the acquisition of Coord at the last time given to the winner. Shuuka once again showed off her live performance to show the difference in ability to Yui, and show the previous rank of the champion. Meanwhile, MY☆DREAM burns to the end to overwork with the results of their special training camp. However, MY☆DREAM had fallen into a situation where entry into the Grand Prix could not be done for some reason.
38 ユメリー・メガネマス★
Yumerī meganemasu★
Episode 178 - Dreamerry・Glassesmas★
Believe My DREAM!
Sunshine Bell
39 年末!ババ大そうじでっすわ!
Nenmatsu! Baba ōsōjidessu wa!
Episode 179 - The End of the Year! It's Bava Great Cleaning Time!
Gira Galactic・Tightrope
Miss. Prionaire
Now the year is coming to an end, the Avocado Academy is undergoing extensive cleaning. Everyone gathers together and hoppers are applied to the students. Yui was also struggling to clean up, but in the middle she finds old sunglasses. Apparently this sunglasses seems to be an important item for solving problems of Farara and Garara.
40 パラ宿プルトラクイズ
Parajuku putora kuizu!
Episode 180 - Parajuku Pultra Quiz!
Brand New·Happiness! 01-09-2018
41 しゅうかとガァララ
Shūka to gaarara
Episode 181 - Shuuka and Galala
Miss. Prionaire
Starlight Carnival☆
42 ディア マイ トモダチ
Dia mai tomodachi
Episode 182 - Dear My Friend
Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~ 01-23-2018
43 燃えよにの
Moeyo ni no
Episode 183 - Burning Up Nino
Clean Mind, Clean Hit♡Clang BUDDY
Shuttlewise Game
44 みちるさまとお呼びなさい
Michiru-sama to Oyobinasai
Episode 184 - Call me Michiru-sama
GOst♭Coaster 02-06-2018
45 決戦! ゆいvsしゅうか
Kessen! Yui tai Shūka
Episode 185 - Decisive fight! Yui vs Shuuka
Miss. Prionaire
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!
46 時をこえてマイドリーム
Toki o Koete Mai Dorīmu!
Episode 186 - Traversing Time and Space MY DREAM!
Believe My DREAM!
Ling ling♪ GararaFaLand
47 パックでパニック!大暴れ!
Pakku de Panikku! Ōabare!
Episode 187 - The Panic of Pakku! Rampage!
Ring Ring♪ GaraFaLand
Make it! ~ReMake it☆Remix~
After Pakku eats the Time Tower, he starts to destroy Paparajuku Pripara. Yui, Michiru, Nino, Laala, Galala, Falala, and Shuuka all try to stop him but efforts are useless. Then, Pakku attempts to eat Yui's plentiful dreams when Laala sacrifices herself for Yui's dream and gets eaten instead. Inside Pakku's body, Laala attempts to protect her own dream from being swallowed and performs in there, resulting in Pakku freezing. But as a price, Laala falls asleep in Pakku.
48 らぁらに届け、 カムバックライブ!
Rāra ni Todoke, Kamu bakku Raibu!
Episode 188 - Deliver to Laala, Come back Live!
Pe~rfect with Pri
Solar Flare Sherbet
Mon Chouchou
Believe My DREAM!
Laala is eaten and falls asleep inside a frozen Pakku. As Yui and the others are panicking, Mirei, Sophie and the other Parajuku idols have come to use the power of the performance to wake Laala up.
49 誕生しちゃうぜ!神アイドル!?
Tanjō Shichau ze! Kami Aidoru!?
Episode 189 - I will Birth! The Divine Idol!?
Girl's Fantasy
Get Over Dress-code
50 夢のツバサで飛べマイドリーム!
Yume no Tsubasa de Tobe Mai Dorīmu!
Episode 190 - Fly With the Wings of Dreams, My Dream!
Believe My DREAM!
51 み~んなあつまれ! アイドル始める時間だよ!
Mi~nna Atsumare! Aidoru Hajimeru Jikanda yo!
Episode 191 - Everyone Gather Together! It's Time to Become an Idol!
Gira Galactic・Tightrope
Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!