Episode 96 - I've Had Enough of Aromat Cards!
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Kanji アロマットカードでモーたいへん!
Season 3
Episode Number 96
Air Date 05-17-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Reversible Ring
Coord(s) North Fur Coord
Crystal Fur Coord
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Previous Episode Episode 95 - Perfect Mama Mirei!
Next Episode Episode 97 - Super Miracle Delicious Peach

I've Had Enough of Aromat Cards! is the 7th episode of the third series of the PriPara anime season and the 96th episode in the series overall. It aired on May 17th, 2016.


Aroma, who learns that Mirei has also gotten her Super Cyalume Coord like Laala did, is burning with rivalry towards them. Wanting to find Jewlie's secret and become a Divine Idol, she takes charge of looking after Jewlulu, but Jewlulu won't stop crying.


Aroma is determined to find out the secret to receiving a Super Cyalume Coord and consults her own brand of tarot cards to decide what to do. The next day Aroma, Mikan and Gaaruru sneak into SoLaMi Smile's training practice to speak with Jewlulu but their cover is blown. Aroma convinces Laala to let them take care of Jewlulu and Laala agrees despite Mirei's protests. Aroma, Mikan and Gaaruru take Jewlulu to Neko's bar where there is a back entrance leading to Meganii's underground stage, which Gaarmageddon have turn into a secret hideout now that it is no longer needed. The three idols try to befriend Jewlulu but Jewlulu doesn't appear to want to be with them. Aroma consults her tarot cards and believes she knows what to do. The three idols sneak into the hologramation control room which Gaaruru once used to wreak havoc in Pripara. The idols change the weather so that it snows in Pripara which makes Jewlulu smile. Gaaruru then uses a monster program to create a slide for Jewlulu. But Gaaruru becomes over excited and uses the hologramation control to produce farm animals all over Pripara. Luckily Meganee manages to stop Gaaruru before she causes too much damage. Aroma and Mikan see how happy Jewlulu has become and perform a live with Gaaruru in the hopes of entering the Divine Idol Stage and receiving their own Super Cyalume Coords. But as the performance ends, Jewlulu, exhausted after her fun filled day, falls asleep, and the three idols are left on stage, disappointed. Worse still, Meganee makes them clear away all the snow they made as punishment for messing with the system.

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PriPara - Episode 96 - Garumageddon - Reversible Ring -

PriPara - Episode 96 - Garumageddon - Reversible Ring -

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