Episode 88 - Ring the Bell of Miracles!
Puri88 preview
Kanji キセキの鐘をならせ!
Season 2
Episode Number 88
Air Date 03-21-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Dream Parade

What a WonderPri World!!
Around・the・PriPara Land!

Coord(s) Dream Parade Princess Coord
Spring Dream Parade Coord
Summer Dream Parade Coord
Autumn Dream Parade Coord
Winter Dream Parade Coord

Summer Bold☆Adventure Coord
Summer Surprise☆Adventure Coord
Summer Perfect☆Adventure Coord
Ketchup Omurice Coord
Pollock Mayo Omurice Coord
Delicious Chef Coord
Escort Cinema Coord
Cinema Ball Coord
Pearl Ball Coord
Mikan Blossom Coord
Sophie Cosmic Coord
Shion Spy Coord
Faruru Wedding Coord
Drive Hitchhike Coord
Exotic Hitchhike Coord
Sherbet Hitchhike Coord
Splendid Red Jet Coord

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Ring the Bell of Miracles! is the 50th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 88th episode in the series overall. It aired on March 21th, 2016.


"Our beloved PriPara won't hurt anyone!" That's what Laala and the others wish for during the last performance. Ring the charm bell of beginnings and save everyone with the power of miracles!


The idols were talking about Hibiki, Fuwari, Ajimi, Ham and Toriko being stuck inside a spinal bug and also wondered if they're all okay. Meanwhile, Hibiki decides to climb their way out but she was disturbed by all the gobiness of the Toriko and Ajimi, even Fuwari who told everyone to be quiet acted gobi herself. Fuwari apologized to her at once but the five almost slipped down.

In order to save Hibiki, the winning Dream Team, FriendAll, must ring the five bells that can create a miracle. The five girls are all hyped and before entering decides on who will wear the Dream Parade Coords. They have a little problem with the Autumn Coord but thanks to Hibiki who removed Mikan's name on her Autumn Dream Ticket, Mikan lends her Ticket to Aroma.

Meganii prepares the Dream Parade system as the girls change to their respective coords. FriendAll performs the Dream Parade and performs a Making Drama which brings out their Dream Parade float and the said miracle to happen. The team managed to save Ajimi, Hibiki, Fuwari, Ham and Toriko, who almost fell down after Ajimi returns to her gobi character. After being saved, Hibiki apologizes to the idols in PriPara and promise that she will protect it. After her confession, Meganii anounces that the Dream Parade is now starting.

The members of FriendAll are enjoying their time being the centers of the Dream Parade while everyone is admiring and cheering them on. Meganii then announces an encore live to the former winners of the Seasonal Dream Idol Grand Prix. After singing Around The PriParaland, every idol was able to perform Cyalume Airy and flies around PriPara with the rest of the main cast. The episode ends with all of them saying the series' slogan, "Everyone's Friends, Everyone's Idols".

Major Events


Animation Errors

(HD) PriPara - EPISODE 88 - FriendAll - Dream Parade -

(HD) PriPara - EPISODE 88 - FriendAll - Dream Parade -

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