Episode 81 - I Became an Underground Idol
Kanji 地下アイドル始めました
Season 2
Episode Number 81
Air Date 02-01-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Make it!

Happy Pa-Lucky
Your 100% Life
0-week-old (Arrange Ver)

Coord(s) Hydrangea Bouquet Coord

Cosmic Silver Coord
Blue Sky Museum Amazing Coord
Twilight Museum Amazing Coord
Valentine Strawberry Chocolate Coord
Valentine Blueberry Chocolate Coord
Gothic Raspberry Chocolate Coord
Eternal Black and White Coord

Episode Guide
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I Became an Underground Idol is the 43rd episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 81st episode in the series overall. It first aired on February 1st, 2016.



Laala and the others start handing out leaflets to try and promote the new found underground stage where all idols are allowed to perform. Although they mostly get ignored, an old friend of Laala's, Hanana appears and takes a leaflet before being dragged off to a Celepara performance by some friends. Hanana doesn't enjoy the show and sneaks out part way through. Meanwhile Gaaruru who is also handing out leaflets, bumps into Aroma and Mikan who offer to give her a hand. Hanana appears and asks Mikan where the underground stage is. The girls take Hanana to the stage where she is able to watch all her friends perform. Laala then suggests Hanana perform. Alhough reluctant at first, Hanana gains confidence from the support of the others and makes her debut. Faruru also sneaks off from Hibiki to watch Gaaruru perform, taking pride in her sister's ability. Other idols begin to express their displeasure that they cannot perform in Celepara because they are not top idols and begin attending the underground stage. As its popularity increases, Laala sends one of her regular updates to Fuwari. Fuwari is back in the Palps living happily with her goats, but her father thinks that she misses being an idol. He confronts her and asks her to think about how much she has changed after attending Pripara. Fuwari then realizes she misses her friends, especially Toriko and decides to return to Parajuku. Meanwhile Ajimi is abroad looking for a childhood friend. She finds the house her friend lived in and sneaks through a secret hole in the hedge and into the back garden. After bumping into the old gardener and explaining who she is, she asks if her friend still lives there. The gardener reveals that Ajimi's friend is in Japan, and is none other than Hibiki.

Major Events

  • Fuwari decides to go back to Parajuku.
  • Ajimi is revealed to have been friends with Hibiki.


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