Episode 79 - Idol End ~pri
Episode 79 preview
Kanji アイドル終了ぷり
Season 2
Episode Number 79
Air Date 01-18-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Solar Flare Sherbet
Virtual Idol♥
Coord(s) White Swan Coord
Glasses Attendant Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 78 - Let's・Go! CelePara!!
Next Episode Episode 80 - Pop・Step・Gaaruru!

Idol End ~pri is the 41st episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 79th episode in the series overall. It first aired on January 18th, 2016.



Following the events of the previous episode, Laala and Mirei's entry failed. Together with Dorothy and Leona, they were surprised and questioned Meganee, but before she answered, it was announced that Sophie would perform. Laala, Dorothy, Leona, especially Mirei, were surprised that her entry was accepted.

During Sophie's performance, everyone was amazed and some are surprised when she performed Gold Airy in the Dream Theater. After the performance, Hibiki announced that only her teammates in CelePara Opera Company and Top Class idols can perform and participate in the Spring Grand Prix. However, since there are not enough idols to compete with CelePara Opera Company, she announced that the said unit automatically won and will participate in the Dream Parade. She also announced that Mikan left the group and will be replaced by Peyonce. Both Sophie and Shion are surprised by both news.

Laala and Mirei, at once, approached Hibiki to explain the case with her and also tried to convince her to change the system again, but refuses. She also told Mirei that her determination wont grant her victory, making her a little upset. Andou pushes away the two girls ending the conversation.

Meanwhile, Meganee received a call from Peyonce that she wont be able to make it because of a sand storm. Ajimi notices her and the fact she is lost. Since Peyonce can't make it, she decides to perform instead. After the performance, Meganee showed the Spring Dream Parade Coord with the audience complimenting it as pretty but they then realized that they can't win it. They all left the performance hall and optimstically handled the situation but are actually sad. Meanwhile, Shion and Sophie are looking for Mirei.

Outside the CelePara Castle, the supporting cast, Aromageddon, and the West Twins gathered together and shout out that they dislike the new CelePara system. They're also worried about Mirei, who soon, along with Laala, joins the group, with a depressed expression. Shion and Sophie also joined the group saying that they will talk with Hibiki and even Sophie approached Mirei to promise her but she avoids her unintentionally, causing Sophie to slowly fall down.

Mirei apologized and starts to run away. She packed all her things from her locker and was about to run away but she is stopped by her friends. Mirei explained everything but her friends, especially Laala, but continues to run, crying, while her friends call her out.

Major Events

  • Meganee makes her debut.
  • Mirei quits being an idol.
  • Sophie ranks up to Top Class.
  • The Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix has been announced.
  • An idol from Pamerica known as Peyoncé replaces Mikan in the CelePara Opera Company.


Video Gallery

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 79 - Meganee - ☆Virtual Idol☆

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 79 - Meganee - ☆Virtual Idol☆

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 79 - Sophie Hojo - ☆Solar Flare Sherbet☆

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 79 - Sophie Hojo - ☆Solar Flare Sherbet☆

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