Episode 77 - Showdown! Winter Grand Prix
Episode 77 preview
Kanji 対決!ウィンターグランプリ
Season 2
Episode Number 77
Air Date 01-04-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Miracle ☆ Paradise
What a WonderPri World!!
Coord(s) Winter Dream Parade Coord

Escort Cinema Coord
Cinema Ball Coord
Pearl Ball Coord
Mikan Blossom Coord
Sophie Cosmic Coord
Shion Spy Coord
Faruru Wedding Coord

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Showdown! Winter Grand Prix is the 39th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 77th episode in the series overall. It aired on January 4th, 2016.



Laala sends a message to Fuwari telling her about the events leading up to the Winter Idol Grand Prix, before joining Mirei, Aroma, Dorothy and Reona to begin training. Laala's team wish Shion, Faruru, Sophie and Mikan good luck as Hibiki takes them up to a room in Pripara Hills where she tells the other girls how they will be preparing for the competition. Both teams have different approaches to their training regimes, while Laala's team work hard and have fun practicing their dancing and deciding on their coords and making drama, Hibiki has her team attending the cinema and listening to opera while eating fine cuisine. Hibiki believes that a successful idol should enjoy the finer things in life, like proper celebrities, and hopes to bring the whole of Pripara to her way of thinking. As the day of the competition arrives, its down to two teams, Laala's and Hibiki's. Laala's team performs first but is unable to cyalume change into the Winter Dream Parade Coord. Hibiki's team, Celepara Opera Company, takes their turn and manage to win the coord and ring the winter bell, Shion, Faruru, Sophie and Mikan also produce golden airies. The audience raise the roof of the Dream Theatre with their applause. As Meganii lost the bet with Hibiki he reluctantly hands over his glasses to her, giving Hibiki control of the Pripara system. Hibiki then announces that Pripara will be renamed Celepara and begins planning her rule over the world of idols.

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Video Gallery

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 77 - Celepara Opera - ☆What a WonderPri World!!☆

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 77 - Celepara Opera - ☆What a WonderPri World!!☆


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