Episode 75 - Going・My Way
Episode 75 preview.jpg
Kanji イゴーイング・マイウェイ
Season 2
Episode Number 75
Air Date 12-14-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) 0-week-old - Arrange Version
Coord(s) Jewelry Princess Coord
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Previous Episode Episode 74 - Hibiki Shikyoin's Splendid Everyday Life
Next Episode Episode 76 - Happy Bye-Bye Xmas ~nano

Going・My Way is the 37th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 75th episode in the series overall. It aired on December 14th, 2015.



While walking to school, Sophie tells Mirei and Laala about the meeting with Hibiki, which Nene Tokuda overhears about. The girls ask the West Twins about Shion, who say she is busy contemplating the offer. Sophie is then harassed by Nene Tokuda and her reporters, but the Royal guard step in and scare them off allowing the girls to flee. As the reach the school statue, many more girls confront Sophie about Hibiki only to be chased off by Fuwari's goats. Fuwari and a teary eyed Gloria appear, who tells the others she has decided to return to the Palps after thinking over everything. Everyone accompanies Fuwari to the station and say goodbye as she boards a train and leaves. The news of Hibiki's offer reaches Pripara worrying both Kuma and Usagi. Kuma encourages Mirei, Laala and Sophie during their training and Mirei vows to put 101% effort into their performances. Usagi spies on Shion while she still contemplates the offer from Hibiki before Iroha Kagawa turns up and talks with Shion. Shion then talks with Dorothy and Leona at the cafe with Laala, Mirei and Sophie present, saying she has decided to take up Hibiki's offer. Dorothy becomes angry as Leona tries to calm her. But the talk is interrupted by an announcement that Falulu is performing a surprise live. Everyone heads over to the stage to watch Faruru who announces her participation in Hibiki's Prodigy team. Faruru then performs her live where she manages to produce a golden airy cyalume change, to everyones amazement. Afterwards, Laala realises Sophie also wants to join the Prodigy team and she and Mirei agree to support her. Hibiki, having watched the performance from one of the balconies, is horrified to find Ajimi has sneaked into the balcony to watch also. As Ajimi begins to act erratically, Hibiki suddenly becomes agitated, forcing Andou to place headphones on her to drown out Ajimi, before throwing Ajimi out. Ajimi is initially insulted by Hibiki's rudeness but finds it odd about the way she reacted. Dorothy and Leona tell Shion that they will support her decision to join the Prodigy team, while Sophie goes to find Hibiki. Mirei and Laala vow to put more effort into their performances as they will now be competing against Sophie. Later that day, Hibiki is looking at the Dream Theatre Diorama, where she has placed a model of herself in the lead position, leaving only one final team member to be chosen.

Major Events

  • Fuwari leaves Pripara and goes back to Palps.
  • Shion and Sophie decided to join Hibiki's Prodigy team.
  • Faruru performed a Golden Airy for the first time.


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(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 75 - FALULU♡BOKERDOLE - ☆0-week-old Ver 2.☆ -

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