Episode 74 - Hibiki Shikyoin's Splendid Everyday Life
Episode 74 preview
Kanji 紫京院ひびきの華麗なる日常
Season 2
Episode Number 74
Air Date 12-07-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Pure・Amore・Love
Coord(s) Vampire Rose Coord
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Hibiki Shikyoin's Splendid Everyday Life is the 36th episode of the second series of the PriPara anime season and the 74th episode in the series overall. It aired on December 7th, 2015.



As the shock of Hibiki's revelation begins to sink in across the world, Hibiki continues her life as a celebrity both inside and outside of Pripara. Meganii decides to dispand the Pripara Police now that the Genius has been revealed, much to the dismay of Ajimi, who Meganii says can still be an idol which cheers her up. Laala, Mirei, Dorothy and Leona discuss Hibiki while sitting outside Prism Stone. While Dorothy is still frustrated that Hibiki's fanbase continues to grow despite being revealed as the Thieving Genius, Mirei accepts the fact they can do nothing about it. Instead Mirei discusses how they will defeat Hibiki in the upcoming Winter Idol Grand Prix, believing Laala is the key to victory because of her past achievements. Laala promises to do her best as does everyone else, before asking where Sophie and Shion are. Both Sophie and Shion are in Hibiki's office while she asks the girls about joining her dream team. Sophie is hesitant while Shion directly refuses, before both girls leave Hibiki's office. Afterwards however both girls admit Hibiki's offer did leave an impression on them. Fuwari is still struggling with Hibiki's revelation and is unsure about her feelings towards Hibiki, after finally getting out of bed, she bumps into Hibiki after her horse runs up to Fuwari. The two talk but Fuwari is still no clearer on what she should do. Dorothy, still angry with Hibiki, decides to sneak into a studio where Hibiki is filming a drama to spy on her. Dorothy takes Leona with her but both twins are caught, however Hibiki begins to show an interest in Leona. Hibiki asks the twins to assist her in rehearsals. As the actress playing the role of a princess has not arrived, Reona is asked to fill the position, while Dorothy is put in a background role as a pirate. Initially Leona struggles to perform because of his shyness but ends up becoming more encouraged by Hibiki, surprising everyone. As the scene reaches its climax, Dorothy interrupts it and both twins are then thrown out when the real actress, Yuri Barazono finally shows up. Dorothy is still angry that they never manages to find out anything about Hibiki but Leona is happy from the experience. Hibiki then goes to Pripara to perform a live, where she ranks up to Top idol and gains a yellow cyalume charm. Laala and friends are still in awe of Hibiki but everyone decides to do their best in the upcoming competition.

Major Events


  • Hibiki's Cyalume Charm becomes yellow.

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