Episode 72 - Capisce Mystery: The PriPara Serial da Vinci Incidents
Kanji かしこまミステリー プリパラ連続ダ・ヴィンチ事件
Season 2
Episode Number 72
Air Date 11-23-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Panic Labyrinth
Coord(s) Handmade Friends Bear Coord
PriPara Police Go Go Coord
PriPara Police Peace Coord
PriPara Police Hotblooded Coord
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Capisce Mystery: The PriPara Serial da Vinci Incidents is the 34th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 72nd episode in the series overall. It aired on November 23rd, 2015.



Hibiki continues to see Faruru during the evenings when she's alone, and during their latest meeting Faruru comments on the stars in the sky. The next day Gloria is horrified to discover that Rina is injured and unconscious. The PriPara Police turn up to investigate as Ajimi suspects fowl play. Rina appears to have left a clue, a figure eight, in drool on the floor, which leads Ajimi to falsely arrest Kuma and Usagi when her overactive imagination causes her to misinterpret the clue. Meanwhile Shion and Mirei talk about the Genius and begin to suspect Hibiki. Hibiki's butler, Andou, voices his concerns that Hibiki's identity as the Genius may be at risk. Hibiki rebuffs him then orders him to sneak into PriPara. Andou dresses as a male goat and uses the goat mirror to enter PriPara. While avoiding detection, Andou breaks into Meganii's control center and sends Meganii a message that the Genius is on a helicopter about to leave PriPara in order to lure him away. He then programs the weather system so that when Hibiki visits Faruru again that night, the sky is full of stars which makes Faruru very happy. The next day Laala, Mikan and Dorothy find Ajimi seemingly unconscious and covered in ketchup. The girls think she has been attacked until she jumps up and explains the situation before realizing what the figure eight clue means. Its butterfly wings, representing Hibiki's spy cam. The girls find and pursue the spy cam, cornering it at the edge of a small cliff. Gloria turns up with the Pripara nurses who have manages to revive Rina. Gloria then explains that the butterfly is Rina's friend and that she ran into a wall while chasing it, causing her to be knocked unconscious. The two devices then exchange friends tickets and Ajimi and the PriPara Police perform two lives as a celebration of solving the mystery. However Mirei and Shion suddenly realize that the place where Rina was injured is the elevator where the Genius disappeared. Mirei theories that there must be a secret entrance within the elevator. Everyone enters the elevator and begin guessing a numerical combination on the key pad, which Mirei correctly guesses. This leads them to discovering the second mirror in the shop opposite Prism Stone, just as Megannii is seen returning to PriPara after speaking to a mysterious gentleman. Andou rushes to tell Hibiki that the secret entrance into PriPara has been discovered, but Hibiki just smiles and looks at the Dream Theatre diorama.

Major Events


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