Episode 71 - A Birthday Promise, Capisce-!
Kanji 誕生日の約束、かしこまっ!
Season 2
Episode Number 71
Air Date 11-16-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday


Coord(s) Lucky! Surprise ☆ Birthday Coord

Heart Pounding! Surprise ☆ Party Coord

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A Birthday Promise, Capisce-! is the 33rd episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 71st episode in the series overall. It aired on November 16th, 2015.




Its Laala's birthday and everyone plans to help her host a special birthday performance at the Dream Theatre. Laala also reveals that she shares her birthday with her best friend Nao. During the event Laala is overwhelmed by fans wishing her happy birthday, and Nao who tried to give Laala her present is pushed aside. Nao returns home but is not upset as she remembers all the good times she's had with Laala. Laala realizes Nao is nowhere to be found and goes to find Her. Laala finds Nao at her home and they both exchange presents. Nao then drags Laala back to PriPara to perform in the Birthday Dream Theatre with SoLaMi Dressing. During the performance, when everyone performs cyalume airy and gains wings, Laala picks up Nao from the audience and flies around the stage with her before performing the end of performance pose with Nao and the others. Hibiki, who had been watching the days events, takes the model Laala and throws it into another bin, vowing to get rid of Laala once and for all. 

Major Events

  • It is Nao and Laala's birthday.
  • Hibiki Shikyoin starts seeing Laala as an adversary.


  • It is revealed that Laala got her pink bow from Nao.

Video Gallery

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 71 - SOLAMI♡DRESSING + NAO - ☆Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday!

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - EPISODE 71 - SOLAMI♡DRESSING + NAO - ☆Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday!

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