Episode 68 - Heya! Happy Hallowen ~nya
Episode 68 preview
Kanji ほら~!ハッピーハロウィンにゃ
Season 2
Episode Number 68
Air Date 10-26-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Pretty Prism Paradise!
Coord(s) Ghost Monster Coord

Bat Monster Coord
Black Cat Monster Coord
Idol ☆ Grand Prix No.1 Coord
Honey Idol ☆ Grand Prix No.1 Coord

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Heya! Happy Halloween ~nya is the 30th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 68th episode in the series overall. It first aired on October 26, 2015.


With everyone feeling low, Laala tries to keep the spirits high with Halloween festivities! Ran and Aroma battle it out to see who can scare the most people. 


It's Halloween in PriPara, but everyone is struggling to enjoy the festivities because the Thieving Genius has managed to steal the second princess coord, Laala however manages to cheer everyone up. As everyone is admiring the decorations and costumes an old friend of Laala's appears, Ran. Laala initially becomes afraid of her as she still believes she is a ghost due to her apparent ability to disappear, however when everyone else shows they can see her too, Laala relaxes. Meganii announces there will be a competition where the girl who manages to scare the most people will be crowned Miss Halloween. Ran expresses her desire to win the competition however she is unable to scare anyone as everyone thinks she's cute. Aroma then scares everyone and takes the top position on the leader board, determined to win the competition herself. She is immediately overtaken by several other idols. Laala and the others agree to help Ran win the competition while Aroma tries to regain the top position. Ajimi is also trying to find inspiration for the competition. Aroma attempt to scare Fuwari, and succeeds in scaring the mascots regaining the lead. Fuwari however then scares Aroma and Mikan with a snake and unintentionally gains the lead. Laala and the others are busy finding a costume for Ran when they become distracted by Ajimi, causing Ran to fall into the fountain. Ajimi, who has come up with an idea of a costume designed to look like a statue, starts behaving erratically which causes her to take the lead in the competition until Ran emerges from the fountain. Her make up having been smeared by the water, causes her to scare everyone in Pripara winning the competition. SoLaMi Smile decide to celebrate by performing a live, before everyone trades tickets with Ran. Ran becomes overjoyed and dances around before suddenly disappearing, causing everyone to run off screaming thinking she's a ghost. It is revealed however that Ran had fallen into a giant Pumpkin, which she climbs out of and runs off after everyone.

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