Episode 63 - Friends Tickets Will Save the World
Episode 63 preview
Kanji トモチケは世界を救う
Season 2
Episode Number 63
Air Date 09-19-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Realize!
Coord(s) Baby Pink Clown Coord
Banana Yellow Clown Coord
French Lime Clown Coord
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Friends Tickets Will Save the World is the 25th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 63rd episode in the series overall. It first aired on September 19th, 2015.


Laala holds an event to boost spirits, but Hibiki wants to sabotage it. Laala pulls through and manages to make it a success, while Hibiki becomes increasingly annoyed.


Everyone is still upset over The Thieving Genius, so SoLaMi Dressing hold an event to boost everyones spirits. The event involves a friend ticket exchange with the members of each team and their fans, the goal of which is to get enough tickets to cover the front of the Pripara Hills building within 24.5 hours. The event will also involve each team member and their friends putting on various performances which will be broadcast to the world on Pripara TV, with the aim of getting a 100% viewing rate. Hibiki also decides to use the event to evaluate potential members for her dream team. However he becomes increasingly annoyed with Laala and the others so she attempts to sabotage their efforts by getting a team of workers to post complaints about the broadcast. As the ratings plummet and the queue of fans dwindles, everyone starts to lose hope. Laala however tries to keep up everyone's spirits say how much fun it is to be able to be with them in Pripara. The others, encouraged decide to reform SoLaMi Dressing and put on one last performance to turn the event around. With their friends support SoLaMi Dressing pulls it off and they manage to successfully complete their goals for the event before time runs out. Hibiki, frustrated she was unable to find anymore candidants for his team, turns his attention to Laala to stop ruining his plans.

Major Events


  • Scenes of Amamiya are added to the ending.
  • There was a scene where a part of Shion's hair was colored black instead of purple.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Shion kicks her shoe of and it lands on Laala's head. After Laala proposing to do a program for Pripara (inspired by Shion's shoe size) Shion is found with both of her shoes on while Laala has the one of the shoe.

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