Episode 54 - The Devil's Museum ~kuma!
Episode 54 preview
Kanji あくまのミュージアムクマ!
Season 2
Episode Number 54
Air Date 07-18-15
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Reversible Ring
Coord(s) Blue Sky Museum Amazing Coord

Twilight Museum Amazing Coord

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The Devil's Museum ~kuma! is the 16th episode of the second season of the PriPara anime series and the 54th episode in the series overall. It first aired on July 18th, 2015.


Aroma invites the girls to go to the "haunted" PriPara museum with her.


SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe both want Fuwari to join their dream team, but so does Aroma and with Neko's help she plans to eliminate the competition. Meanwhile Fuwari shows the present Hibiki gave her to Gloria who reveals it to be a portrait of a princess dancing with a prince. All the girls then receive mysterious invitations to a museum in Pripara and they decide to check it out. But the mascots tell the girls the museum is haunted and not to enter. Ignoring their mascots pleas they enter to find Aroma and Mikan. Aroma then proceeds to scare each of the girls and trap them in silly costumes. With only Laala left, she and Fuwari run into a room where Fuwari notices an old loom for making cloth. As Aroma appears to deal with Laala, her plan back fires when a giant spider (Parantula) appears and captures everyone with its thread. Fuwari notices how beautiful the thread is and Parantula says it was once used to make cloth. Fuwari tells Parantula she will make something from its thread if it lets her go. Parantula agrees and Fuwari uses the old loom to make a colorful banner depicting Parantula. Parantula was touched by the display disappears and everyone is freed. Meganee then appears and congratulates Fuwari for her creativity. Inspired, Aromageddon perform a new making drama in an effort to convince Fuwari to join their team.

Major Events

Character Appearance


  • Many references from the Pretty Rhythm franchise appeared in the museum.
    • This includes drawings of the jumps, Aurora Rising Dream, Stardust Shower Perfect, Big Bang! Beautiful World, and the Prism Acts, Road to Symphonia and Grateful Symphonia. Pretty Top's Flash Gloves, Prism Stones, the Prism Stone Shop of Harajuku, and the statue from the prism stone association are also included.
  • In one scene, Laala's bow was colored yellow instead of pink.

Video Gallery

(HD) プリパラ PriPara EPISODE 54 - Aromageddon - 「☆Reversible Ring」-0

(HD) プリパラ PriPara EPISODE 54 - Aromageddon - 「☆Reversible Ring」-0

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