Episode 18 - Leona, All-Out Dash!
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Season 1 Episode 18
Season 1
Episode Number 18
Air Date November 1, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) No D&D Code
Pretty Prism Paradise!
Coord(s) Pinky Pirate Coord,
Royal Pirate Coord,
Lady Pirate Coord,
Fresh Marching Star Coord,
Sapphire Marching Star Coord,
Amethyst Marching Star Coord
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Leona, All-Out Dash! is the 18th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on November 1st, 2014.


Leona and Dorothy transfer to Paprika Academy; where a very shocking truth about Leona is revealed. Leona is then tasked with creating the brand new Making Drama for Dressing Pafe.


Sophie, Laala, Mirei, and Shion run into each other before school starts and after greeting each other see Dorothy and Leona come their way. They tell them that they have transferred to Paprika Private Academy and everyone exchanges greetings, mainly due to Dorothy's shock to see how Laala and Mirei actually look. It's then Leona (who has been lingering in the back) comes forward, and to the group's surprise, they realize Leona is in the male uniform. Dorothy then informs them that Leona is actually a boy.

They walk together to class (with some fans tagging along), when Headmistress finds out they are idols (Dorothy and Leona), and gets very flustered over being unable to confiscate their PriTickets. 

Dorothy goes to 1-B, her new class and flashes her charm, making everyone go crazy. However, one student is not impressed, so Dorothy (with a serious face) walks over to him, pauses, then flashes her charm, causing him to fall for her hypnotic trance.

Leona goes to his new class, 1-A, which Mirei attends and shyly introduces himself. Everybody thinks he is cute, but are highly confused over his gender.

During break, a group of confused girls approach Leona and Dorothy since they want to talk to Leona, but Dorothy shoos them away. Shion, who was watching from a distance, gets mad at this.

In PriPara, Usagi tells the girls they need a great plan to beat SoLaMi SMILE. Shion suggests a new Making Drama. They chat about who will be put in charge of creating it and Shion decides to put Leona in charge.

The next day, Dorothy goes to Shion looking for Leona. Leona is outside leaning against a tree wondering to himself, when Sophie answers him. They have a talk about Leona's troubles before hearing Laala sneeze (very loudly, as she didn't cover her nose). Mirei gives Laala a ticket for doing so, and at that the golden 200th ticket. Her punishment is to walk the kindergarteners. Sophie concludes their chat with a piece of wisdom.

Dorothy checks up on Leona, when they see Laala walking the kindergarteners. Laala stops and says "Caspice!". Shion walks into the scene, and an unaware kindergartener bumps into Shion and starts to cry. Shion scolds the kid, making him cry even more and making Dorothy mock her. She attempts to charm the child but he cries further, which makes her upset and attempt to flash her charm again (sending out a max aura), but the kid continues to cry. To save face she tries to do the same thing to the other children, but this makes them cry as well.

The children quickly approach Leona and calm down. But after a girl gets her balloon stuck in a tree Laala attempts to help, but because she is too short she falls when trying to reach it. Leona climbs the tree and gets it down for the little girl. All the kids surround him, very happy and Leona is able to come up with a brand new Making Drama, causing him to become overjoyed.

At PriPara, SoLaMi SMILE performs, then Dressing Pafe with the new Making Drama, All Out Dash! Fly, Balloon!. Dressing Pafe wins and Leona ranks up, making Kuma mad.

Back at the academy, Leona and Sophie sit down out side together. Leona thanks Sophie and they trade Friend Tickets.

Major Events

Character Appearances

Change in the dub

  • Leona's true gender was removed to female in the Korean dub.


  • This is the first episode that showcases Dorothy and Leona outside of PriPara.
  • Leona and Sophie traded Friends Tickets.
    • This is the first time Leona has actually been seen trading Friends Tickets with anyone.

Animation Error

  • In one scene, Mirei's eyes were colored blue outside of PriPara, instead of brown.


PriPara Episode 18 Preview Eng Sub HD プリパラ 第18話 HD

PriPara Episode 18 Preview Eng Sub HD プリパラ 第18話 HD

PriPara Episode 18 - 「Pretty Prism Paradise」 & 「No D&D code」

PriPara Episode 18 - 「Pretty Prism Paradise」 & 「No D&D code」

I Became an Idol!You Can't Break a Promise, Pri!Team Breakup? No way-kuma~!Kashikoma! Cheer For You!I Wanna Sing With Sophie!Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!Looking For A Red Flash...Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Caspice at the Pool♪Exciting Idol Gathering!Autumn-Colored Lovely LiveWhat To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!Fly, Sophie!Smile at the Sky♡Team Name Announced!Critical Situation? Shion VS Mirei-Pri!Exclusive! Laala's Secret is Out of the Bag!?Halloween Terror! Jack・OH! Ran-tan!Leona, All-Out Dash!Mirei and Kuma, A Fated Encounter-Pri-Kuma!Pasta VS Ninja!Disbandment!? Sophie-sama's BodyguardsLive at the School Festival-Kuma~!The Last Day of PriPara-dessu wa!Goodbye, PriParaChristmas Present for You!That Girl Finally Makes Her Debut-dechu!The New Year's Capisce!Go Battle In PriPara!EZ DO GloxerciseHeart-Pounding! The Paradise Coord Belongs to Who!?Smile, SoLaMi♡Smile!Mirei Quits Saying "Pri"Laala, Tell Me More About You!Faruru's FriendThe Last Stage Battle!Faruru! Please Wake Up-dechu!Call Forth a Miracle! Miracle☆Live!Everyone's Friends, Capisce!

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