Episode 153 - Let's Go! Parajuku
Kanji レッツゴー!パラ宿
Season 4
Episode Number 153
Air Date 6-27-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Amazing· Castle
Twin mirror♥compact
Panic Labyrinth
Just My Chance Call
Your 100% Life
Virtual Idol♥
Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Absolute Life of a final show Girl
Coord(s) Gaarumageddon Pink Heart Coord
Gaarumageddon Blue Club Coord
Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord
Skater Twin Leona Coord
Skater Twin Dorothy Coord
NonSugar Soft Fur Coord
NonSugar Girly Ribbon Coord
NonSugar Elegant Coord
Drawing Paint Palette Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 152 - Hit it! Idol Time Grand Prix
Next Episode Episode 154 - Gaarumageddon Arrived!

Episode 153 - Let's Go! Parajuku is the 13th episode of the fourth season of the PriPara anime series and the 153rd episode in the series overall. It aired on June 27th, 2017.


Yui and Laala go to Laala home town PriPara. Gaarmageddon tries to summon a demon but summons Mechanee. They try to get her to be their comrade and Mikan pushed the button on Mechanee to trigger a Self-Destruct that begins a countdown to explode unless they charge with Idol energy. Gaarmageddon brings Mechanee to SoLaMi and part of Dressing Pafe. Laala ask Mechanee what is this button and Mechanee says it sample explosion that is a one tenth-thousand of her ka-boom power. Kuma presses the button and explosion happens outside the town and destroys the mountain. After witnessing the explosion, they all head to the stage. Gaarmageddon performs first, then Leona and Dorothy, and then NonSugar. Ajima presses the button on Mechanee and it does damage to a tower. Ajima begins her performance then all the other idols begin to perform including Triangle, Shion who save them at the last second, and SoLaMi Smile. Tricolore arrives but they do the performance to late because of Hibiki not wanting to rush. Mechanee explosion destroys the Parajuku PriPara. They show some part of Hibiki performance and she gets mad at Mechanee from blowing up during her coord change. Yui passes out because she thinks this is in her dream world. She wakes up and sees Mikan and Aroma in her room. Laala tells Yui what happen after Yui passed out. Meganii tells that Parajuku PriPara will be closed and will update Parajuku PriPara to Idol Time system. Gaarmageddon is expelled from Parajuku PriPara because they are the one who caused the incidents so they are going help Laala in Paparajuku PriPara. Yui was surprised that Parajuku PriPara explosion was not a dream but a reality. 


Major Events


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