Episode 140 - Every~one Friends! For~ever Friends!
Kanji み~んなトモダチ!ず~っとトモダチ!
Season 3
Episode Number 140
Air Date 3-28-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Girl's Fantasy
Amazing· Castle
Bring Back The Idols!
Mon Chouchou
No D&D Code
Pretty Prism Paradise!!!
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 139 - I Friend You
Next Episode Episode 141 - I Became a Dreamy-Cute Idol!?

Episode 140 - Every~one Friends! For~ever Friends! is the 51th episode of the third series of the PriPara anime season and the 140th episode in the series overall. It aired on March 28, 2017 and was the final episode of the original PriPara series.




Laala continues her life as an idol but is still troubled over Jewlie. While in PriPara Jewlulu's compact begins to glow and leads Laala off into PriPara. Faruru is walking around with Unicorn when Laala collides with her and she becomes stuck in the compact. As Unicorn starts to scold Laala, Falulu finds a present for her from Jewlie, a Paprika Private Academy Primary school uniform. Laala then realizes that if Jewlulu was able to leave PriPara using the compact, maybe Faruru can too.

Laala exits Prism Stone and Faruru manages to leave the compact into the real world for the first time. Laala takes Faruru to school where she attends a math class with Laala and her friends. All the other idols come to support Faruru and even Gaaruru manages to leave PriPara thanks to Mikan and Aroma, and everyone in PriPara watches on TV screens.

After class however, Faruru and Gaaruru are forced to return to PriPara, but not before Falulu and Laala both see Jewlie in spirit form. Jewlie is now responsible for delivering the first PriTickets to girls ready to become idols.

Everyone else continues to work hard in PriPara, but Shion makes a surprise announcement that she is leaving her idol activities for now to pursue other goals, which leaves Dorothy and Leona a little upset.

One day Headmistress Gloria calls Laala into her office and reveals she has something important for Laala to do, which shocks Laala.

Major Events


  • Jewlie can be seen delivering Yui Yumekawa's first PriTicket.

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