Episode 138 - Birth of a Divine Idol!?
Episode 138
Kanji 誕生!?神アイドル!
Season 3
Episode Number 138
Air Date 3-14-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Girl's Fantasy
Coord(s) Emerald Eden Coord
Dark Night Eden Coord
Kami Dress Coord
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Previous Episode Episode 137 - Showdown! Divine Idol
Next Episode Episode 139 - I Friend You
Episode 138 - Birth of a Divine Idol!? is the 49th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 138th episode in the series overall. It aired on March 14, 2017.


Jewlie and Janice reveal that in order for SoLaMi Smile to win the tournament, they must face off against the Goddesses. Jewlie and Janice perform a duet of Girl Fantasy leaving the audience in awe. Laala, Mirei and Sophy are unsure if they will be able to match the goddesses but after encouragement from all their friends they take to the stage with a new song. After performing a new making drama, Jewlie and Janice join them on stage and Jewlie awards them the Divine Tiara, crowning them the new Divine Idols. The Grand Prix draws to a close but as Laala goes to thank Jewlie, and unusual storm knocks her back. Jewlie becomes trapped in an electric cage but tells Laala not to worry as the system is preparing to delete her as she expected. Jewlie hands the Cyalume Baton over to her sister but Janice attempts to rescue Jewlie and both Goddess get pulled into the storm. Before disappearing Janice manages to throw the Cyalume Baton to Laala, but without the Goddesses the Divine Idol stage begins to fall from the heavens.

Major Events


  • Ham spoke for the second time in the series in this episode ("A new song."), the first similarly being at the climax to season 2.

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