Episode 133 - Beyond the Gobi
Episode 133
Kanji 語尾の彼方
Season 3
Episode Number 133
Air Date 2-7-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Bring Back The Idols!
Mon Chouchou
Coord(s) PriPari of Flowers Bleu Coord
PriPari of Flowers Rouge Coord
PriPari of Flowers Blanc Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 132 - The Rockin'・Gajira Great Battle
Next Episode Episode 134 - Valentine's Day is Not So Sweet
Episode 133 - Beyond the Gobi is the 44th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 133rd episode in the series overall. It aired on Febuary 7, 2017.


Hibiki begins practicing for the start of Tricolore's and Ucchari BigBang's turn in the tournament. She hopes to choose Tricolore to go first so as not to have to endure Ucchari BigBang's performance with Ajimi's constant use of sentence enders. As the two teams take the stage, Hibiki begins to choose her team's position, confident she will choose the first one, but Falulu jumps in and choose the second one. Hibiki is distraught but brushes it off so as not to upset Falulu. She then prepares to endure Ucchari BigBang's performance. Unfortunately it's too much and Hibiki ends up falling into a coma. As Tricolore is due to take the stage, everyone comes to wish them luck only to find Hibiki unconscious. When Andou explains that Hibiki cannot handle people using sentence enders, Ajimi bursts into tears horrified she has caused Hibiki so much pain, she and the others also restrain themselves from using sentense enders in her presence. Hibiki manages to wake up and Tricolore manage to perform in time. The results are announced and TriColore win by a fraction, and a large part of the crystal trapping the Divine Coord shatters but theres still alot more to go before it's released.

Major Events



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