Episode 132 - The Rockin'・Gajira Great Battle
Episode 132
Kanji ロッキン・ガァジラ大決戦
Season 3
Episode Number 132
Air Date 1-31-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Amazing· Castle
Run♪ for Jumping!
Coord(s) Mode Classical Gerbera Coord
Mode Classical Margaret Coord
Mode Classical Blue Rose Coord
Violet Crosswalk Coord
Blue Sky Crosswalk Coord
Scarlet Crosswalk Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 131 - Heaven and Hell? The Eve of the Battle!
Next Episode Episode 133 - Beyond the Gobi
Episode 132 - The Rockin'・Gajira Great Battle is the 43rd episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 132nd episode in the series overall. It aired on January 31, 2017.


The Divine Idol Final has begun. The first match is a faceoff between Dressing Pafé and Gaarumageddon, and the winner will advance straight to the finals. Who will be the one to advance?


It's time for round one of the Divine Idol Grand Prix tournament, Dressing Pafe versus Gaarumageddon. Both teams decide they need a new making drama but while Dressing Pafe take the challenge seriously, Gaarumageddon decide to play pranks on them instead, Neko even seduces Usagi to prevent him from fulfilling his manager duties. Laala, Mirei and Sophie go to support their friends in turn but Laala stresses the importance of finding away to save Jewlie. Unicorn and the Mini Faruru come to see Gaaruru and Aroma and Mikan receive a video message of encouragement from Miruku and Anko, leading Gaarumageddon to take things seriously and come up with a new making drama. At the start of the first round, both teams draw straws to see who will go first, it's decided that Gaarumageddon will go first followed by Dressing Pafe. Meganee however reveals each team's manager must introduce them, leading Dressing Pafe to wonder where Usagi is. Usagi manages to pull himself together after being seduced into a blob by Neko and arrives in time to support his team. Sion also comes up with an idea for a making drama after seeing Gaarumageddon perform. Dressing Pafe perform, then Meganii gets everyone around the world to vote for their favorite performance. Dressing Pafe are declared the winners, but Meganii reveals that the Divine Idol Coord is still completely trapped in crystal, meaning the performances where not exciting enough to release part of it. But he tells everyone not to worry as there are still more chances for the teams to release it. Afterwards Gaarumageddon lament on their loss but decide to keep supporting their friends.

Major Events


  • This episode airs on Miyu Kubota (Sophie Hojo's VA)'s birthday.
  • The ending for this episode was sung by Dressing Pafé.

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