Episode 131 - Heaven and Hell? The Eve of the Battle!
Kanji 天国と地獄?決戦前夜!
Season 3
Episode Number 131
Air Date 1-24-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Bring Back The Idols!
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Previous Episode Episode 130 - The Goddess' Feelings, Mama's Oath
Next Episode Episode 132 - The Rockin'・Gajira Great Battle
Episode 131 - Heaven and Hell? The Eve of the Battle! is the 42nd episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 131st episode in the series overall. It aired on January 24, 2017.


On the eve before the Divine Idol Grand Prix, a lottery draw is used to choose which team will versus who in the Kami Idol Grand Prix.


The finale of the Divine Idol Grand Prix is almost here and it's time to decide which teams face each other. Meganii reveals that the tournament line up will be decided by a lottery with a member of each team choosing a numbered ball from a box Meganee provides. Meganii also reveals that the winner of the final round will also receive a new Divine coord. He also reveals that if the contest is unsuccessful Parajuku's Pripara could meet the same fate as Sapannah's. Laala and the others are determined not to let that happen, as well as find a way to save Jewlie from disappearing. The draw begins with Ajimi choosing Ucchari Big Bang's position in the second round and hopes that Tricolore will face them. Hibiki who is away filming but is watching the proceeding via her computer, suddenly tells Andou to return her to Pripara to prevent Ajimi's request from happening. Next Laala chooses SoLaMi Smile's position in the third round, then Gaaruru choosing Gaaromageddon for the first round. Now it's time to find out who will face who. Non steps up, wanting to face her sister she successfully chooses NonSugar for the third round against SoLaMi Smile. Hibiki arrives soon after but is too late to prevent her worst fear as Fuwari has chosen Tricolore to face Ucchari Big Bang in the second round, leaving Dressing Pafe to face Gaaromagedden in the first round. The winners of the second and third round must face off, with the winner facing the winner of the first round in the final. Meganii takes everyone to the Divine Idol Stage to begin where they are greeted by Jewlie and Janice.

Major Events

  • Gaarumageddon will versus Dressing Pafe in the first round.
  • Tricolore will versus Ucchari Big-Bang in the second round.
  • SoLaMi Smile will versus NonSugar in the third round.
  • A new Divine Idol outfit will be given to the winning team of the Kami Idol Grand Prix.


  • Non finally gets her wish to go against her sister Laala.
  • Everyone is determined to save Jewlie and not let PriPara go to ruin like the Sapanna PriPara.
  • Brand New Dreamer is replaced by Shining Star as the opening theme.

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