Episode 129 - E~veryone's Chance!? The Revenge Live!
Episode 129
Kanji み〜んなにチャンス!? リベンジライブ!
Season 3
Episode Number 129
Air Date 1-10-17
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Bring Back The Idols!
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Previous Episode Episode 128 - Goodbye, Usacha....
Next Episode Episode 130 - The Goddess' Feelings, Mama's Oath
Episode 129 - E~veryone's Chance!? The Revenge Live! is the 40th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 129th episode in the series overall. It aired on January 10, 2017.


On the morning of the Divine Idol Grand Prix for the runner-up teams, Jewlie has a dream in which she sees the Cyalume Baton float away from her before she begins to disappear. She also sees an image of Laala growing more distant and wakes up crying. Laala calms her down, but Jewlie, as Jewlulu, becomes desperately attached to Laala and tries to speak to her, but can't. In Pripara, Laala and the others discover that Ajimi and Cosmo are distraught as their teammate has dropped out of the contest meaning they need to find someone else or they won't be able to enter the Divine Idol Grand Prix for all the runner-up teams. While everyone helps find another teammate for Ajimi and Cosmo, Laala is forced to play with Jewlulu, who refuses to enter her compact or leave Laala's side. Eventually Chanko decides to join their team despite already being part of another team, which her teammates and fellow royal guards agree is not a problem. Cosmo, Ajimi and Chanko form Ucchari Big-Bang and perform in the contest where they come out victorious. But as Jewlie appears, Janice appears and tries to get Jewlie to hand over the Cyalume Baton. However Chanko manages to overpower Janice and the Divine Challenge Live continues, with Ucchari Big-Bang receiving the Divine Key. Afterwards, the audience is still confused about who Janice was and what was going on, but Laala and the others have no explanation. Back at home, Laala is with Jewlulu, who finally starts to speak and tells Laala she loves her.

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