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Episode 128 - Goodbye, Usacha....
Episode 128.png
Kanji さよならウサチャ...。
Season 3
Episode Number 128
Air Date 12-27-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Sugarless×Friend
Coord(s) NonSugar Girly Ribbon Coord
NonSugar Elegant Coord
NonSugar Soft Fur Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 127 - The Grand Prix is Not So Sweet ~ucha
Next Episode Episode 129 - E~veryone's Chance!? The Revenge Live!

Episode 128 - Goodbye, Usacha.... is the 39th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 128th episode in the series overall. It will air on December 27th, 2016.


Usacha promised Pepper that if NonSugar wins the Grand Prix, she will let Pepper eat her. NonSugar did in fact win the Grand Prix and it is time for Usacha to fulfill that promise.


Laala is thrilled that her sister has won a Divine Idol Grand Prix, but Non suddenly remembers the promise Usacha made to Pepper and tells Laala. The two sisters invite Pepper over to dinner to distract her so she won't remember the promise but unfortunately fail, and Pepper manages to sneak off to Pripara. Meanwhile, Usacha prepares to fulfill her promise but is interrupted by Kuma and Usagi, who realize what she is doing and stop her, but Usacha runs off to try again. The mascots are later joined by Non, Chili and SoLaMi Smile to find Pepper and Usacha. During their search, Chili and Non find Janice and explain what has happened, but she refuses to help. Everyone eventually find Pepper just as she is about to eat Usacha but Janice intervenes and tries to convince Pepper to stop. But Pepper says she has no intention of eating Usacha, as she has become her friend, she does however turn her appetite towards Usagi and Kuma. Janice turns to leave, but Non and Chili convince her to stay, before NonSugar perform a live.

Major Events


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