Episode 123 - NonSugar Drifting
Episode 123
Kanji ノンシュガー漂流記
Season 3
Episode Number 123
Air Date 11-22-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Sugarless×Friend
Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) NonSugar Girly Ribbon Coord
NonSugar Elegant Coord
NonSugar Soft Fur Coord
Super Cyalume NonSugar Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 122 - Capisce for Sister!
Next Episode Episode 124 - Jewlie and Janice

NonSugar Drifting is the 34th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 123rd episode in the series overall. It aired on November 22nd, 2016.


While Non ponders over how to make Chiri and Pepper get along, a deserted island challenge is announced, where each idol unit is sent to a deserted island and they have to survive for as long as they can. Non tries her best to not give in but...


Non is worried that Pepper and Chiri will never get along well enough for them to receive Super Cyalume Coords to enter the Divine Idol Grand Prix. But when Non finds a flyer advertising a team building competition in Pripara, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to get Pepper and Chiri to bond. Non manages to force her team mates to the competition where Gloria announces that all participating teams will be stranded on their own island and left to fend for themselves. Before anyone can object, Megannee sends everyone onto rafts which carry them to their own island. Left to surivive on their own, each member of NonSugar reacts differently to the situation. Non is determined to win the competition, especially since her sister Laala and her friends are also participating. Pepper is a natural at surviving because of her time in Sapannah, but Chiri wants nothing more than to leave and makes no attempt at playing along. Non tries her best but becomes increasingly upset over Chiri's attitude and eventually storms off into the jungle in tears, wishing that Chiri and Pepper would just get along. While Pepper argues with Chiri, they hear Non screaming for help and go to investigate. The two girls witness Non being carried off into a cave by an unknown creature, at which Pepper becomes terrified, believing it to be a monster from Sapannah she has heard about before. Pepper begs Chiri to help Non and Chiri agrees, beginning to open up more. Chiri and Pepper enter the cave and are attacked by the creature but Chiri stands firm to protect Pepper, but it is revealed that the creature is actually Ajimi playing a trick on the girls and that Non was not in any danger. Fortunately the three girls come out of the experience having bonded more, and Chiri even accepts Pepper as a friend. Gloria announces that NonSugar are the winners of the competition and take them back to Pripara Town. NonSugar then perform a live, with Chiri and Pepper finally receiving Super Cyalume Coords, meaning they can enter the next Divine Idol Grand Prix.

Major Events


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