Episode 122 - Capisce for Sister!
Episode 122
Kanji 姉妹でかしこまっ!
Season 3
Episode Number 122
Air Date 11-15-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Marble Make up a-ha-ha!
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Previous Episode Episode 121 - Awaken! The Goddess's Dress Design!
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Capisce for Sister! is the 33rd episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 122nd episode in the series overall. It aired on November 15th, 2016.


It's Laala and Nao's birthday again! When questioned what Laala wants to do this year, she asks for a duo live with Non. However, Non refuses to as she still has her rivalry with her elder sister, as well as being too busy trying to make Chiri and Pepper get along. However, Laala refuses to give up and chases after Non.


It's Laala and Nao's birthday once again; as they celebrate together, Nao asks Laala what she'd really like for her birthday this year. Meanwhile Non is still stressing out over her team with Pepper and Chiri and how they don't appear to fit with her idea of the perfect team. Non is so engrossed in her competitiveness she forgets to get Laala a present. That afternoon, Laala's parents, Non, Mirei and Sophie all celebrate Laala's birthday with her when she arrives home. Everyone gives Laala their presents but Non confesses she doesn't really know what to give her sister. Laala then surprises her by asking if she will perform a special birthday live with her but Non refuses because of their rivalry. The next day Laala tries her hardest to convince Non to perform with her, even asking Ajimi for help. Non however tries her best to avoid her sister, but ends up running into her sister's friends. All the other idols tell her of how Laala has affected their lives, and that she shouldn't worry, because even though Non is Laala's rival, she is also her sister. Non realizes her mistake and accepts Laala's offer. The two sisters perform on stage together and Non realizes how much fun it is to perform with Laala but she still vows to surpass her sister.

Major Events

  • Non and Laala perform together for the first time.


  • Non received her first warning ticket.
  • This episode aired on Chiri Tsukikawa's birthday.
    • To celebrate, a brief scene of NonSugar celebrating her birthday was shown.

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