Episode 121 - Awaken! The Goddess's Dress Design!
PriPara Ep 121 tittle screen
Kanji めざめよ!女神のドレスデザイン
Season 3
Episode Number 121
Air Date 11-08-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Goin'on (Instrumental)
Run♪ for Jumping!
Ready Smile!!
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Previous Episode Episode 120 - NonSugar, Don't Be Sweet!
Next Episode Episode 122 - Capisce for Sister!

Awaken! The Goddess's Dress Design! is the 32nd episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 121st episode in the series overall. It aired on November 8th, 2016.


The "My Dress Design Room" opens in PriPara! It allows you to design your own Coords just as you like and is a huge hit with the idols. The "PriPara Collection", where every idol can showcase the coords they design, is also announced. Who is going to take the lead in PriPara's fashion world?!


Dressing Pafe discover Cosmo in a distressed state at the Pripara cafe. When asked what's wrong Cosmo tells them she is having trouble designing new coords but it's nothing to worry about as all designers have creative block from time to time. Ajimi then makes a surprise announcement with Meganii. Pripara is getting a Dress Maker which will allow all idols to create their own coords. The idols will also be able to debut their designs at a fashion show and the winning design will feature in the Pripara Collection. All the idols become excited and when the Dress maker opens, everyone enthusiastically begins designing their own coords. While SoLaMi Smile has no trouble designing their coords, Dressing pafe struggles because of confict between Sion and Dorothy. Dorothy wants to create a dazzling and exciting Coord while Sion wants to create one that is plain and simple. Reona is caught it the middle but does not take sides. In an attempt to resolve the situation, he goes to see Cosmo about how she decides what designs to choose. Cosmo asks Reona to stay for dinner with her and Sophy and it is then that Reona is suddenly hit with inspiration for a design. The next day she shows her design to Sion and Dorothy, with the result that they both like the idea, although Sion is abit apprehensive at its cuteness. Everyone debuts their designs at the fashion show, in which Tricolore also appear as special guests with their own coords. Dressing Pafe is announced the winner and they perform in their new coords. Afterwards they are taken to the Divine Idol Stage where they receive special team Coords.

Major Events



  • During Dressing Pafé's Divine Idol Challenge, there was a brief second where Dorothy and Leona were missing their Cyalume Tacts.

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