Episode 119 - Heya! Hallomageddon ~nya
PriPara Ep 119 tittle screen
Kanji ほら~!ハロマゲドンにゃ
Season 3
Episode Number 119
Air Date 10-25-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Amazing· Castle
Pretty Prism Paradise!!!
Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) Cutie Cats Pink Coord
Cutie Cat White Coord
Cutie Cats Orange Coord
Pink Witch Halloween Coord
Funky Witch Halloween Coord
Tricky Witch Halloween Coord
Bat Monster Coord
Ghost Monster Coord
Black Cat Monster Coord
Powder Blue Monster Coord
Cool Dancing Butterfly Coord
Leopard Print Denim Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 118 - The Big Sister, the Little Sister, the Princess and the Beast
Next Episode Episode 120 - NonSugar, Don't Be Sweet!

Heya! Hallomageddon ~nya is the 30th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 119th episode in the series overall. It will air on October 25th, 2016.


The time for Halloween has come again, and the special guest is of course once again Ran-tan! Ran-tan is giving her best to scare everyone in the "Pumpkin Castle" that has been built in PriPara, but nobody is afraid of her. Aroma, who is unable to watch this, prepares a very special trump card for Ran-tan ...


It's Halloween in Pripara, and Meganii announces the start of the Halloween Stamp Rally where the idols must make their way through a giant pumpkin castle to the performance registration desk. The first group to reach the desk gets to perform in a special Halloween live. But there's a catch, each room in the castle contains something scary the idols must face before collecting a stamp with their compacts and proceeding on. Everyone enters the castle but soon find that it is not so scary and everyone manages to proceed though successfully. Gaaromageddon however manage to reach the control room where they find Ran. Ran explains that Meganii asked her to create frightening creations and bring then to life using the hologramation system. Unfortunately all her creations are not scary enough. Aroma decides to step in and create truly terrifying creations that begin to scare everyone. But Aroma goes too far and ends up destroying the castle with Mikan and Gaaruru. Luckily Ran manages to save the day. Gaaromageddon rushes to the goal while everyone is distracted and get to perform first. But Mirei explains to Meganee that they managed to collect all the stamps, so she allows SoLaMi Smile to perform. Afterwards Jewlie takes them to the Divine Idol stage where they receive special team Coords, and Gaaromageddon is left to clean up their mess once again.

Major Events


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