Episode 118 - The Big Sister, the Little Sister, the Princess and the Beast
PriPara Ep 118 tittle screen
Kanji 姉と妹と姫と野獣
Season 3
Episode Number 118
Air Date 10-18-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Coord(s) Triangle Lovely ♡ Coord
Triangle Popping Coord
Triangle Coolest Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 117 - The Goddess Became an Idol
Next Episode Episode 119 - Heya! Hallomageddon ~nya

The Big Sister, the Little Sister, the Princess and the Beast is the 29th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 118th episode in the series overall. It will air on October 18th, 2016.


Laala and the others are trying to solve the mystery of why Jewlulu suddenly grew up and became Jewlie. At the same time, Usacha is working on her plan to make Non, Chiri and Pepper a team for the last Grand Prix, but the three of them have totally different personalities. When Usacha is finally ready to execute her plan, she invites all three of them to dinner, but...


As everyone wonders why there are now two divine idols, Jewlie introduces the other idol as her sister Janice. Janice then goes on to explain that Jewlie and herself were supposed to remain in the Divine Idol Stage, but Jewlie began sneaking down to Pripara to watch idols. Jewlie became so in awe of idols that she wished to become one herself. But Janice told her it was against the rules and that she would jeopardise the system if she broke them. Jewlie, however, decides to ignore her sister saying it will be alright. Jewlie uses the Cyalume Baton to create Pritickets for both of them, despite Janice's protests, and they both descend down to Parajuku Pripara during the system update at the beginning of the season, where Jewlie is found by Laala and Janice is found by Chili. Janice attempts to force Jewlie to relinquish the Cyalume Baton and therefore control of the Divine Idol Grand Prix to her, but Jewlie refuses, causing both idols to return to baby forms inside their compacts. Meganii decides to call it a day and everyone returns home. While Laala looks after Jewlie, back to being Jewlulu, Non receives a message from Usacha asking to meet at their secret headquarters. The next day, Non is surprised to see Chili there as well as Pepper. Usacha reveals that she wants the three of them to form a team as she believes they have the perfect combination to win the Divine Idol Grand Prix. Usacha even goes as far as to promise Pepper can eat her if they succeed. Pepper is willing, but Chili proves more stubborn and refuses until forced by Janice, who sees it as an opportunity to take on her sister. Non then seals the agreement with a performance as Triangle. Meanwhile Meganii attends a conference in Pripari about the developments in Parajuku and reasures the other Meganii's that everything will be OK.

Major Events


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