Episode 114 - Hurry up! Divine Idol Grand Prix!
PriPara Ep 114 tittle screen
Kanji 急げ!神アイドルグランプリ!
Season 3
Episode Number 114
Air Date 09-20-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Amazing· Castle
Mon Chouchou
Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) Gaarumageddon Blue Club Coord
Gaarumageddon Pink Heart Coord
Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord
PriPari of Flowers Blue Coord
PriPari of Flowers Rouge Coord
PriPari of Flowers Blanc Coord
Super Cyalume Hibiki Coord
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Hurry up! Divine Idol Grand Prix! is the 25th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 114th episode in the series overall. It will first air on September 20th, 2016.


The Kami Idol Grandprix is already starting and Tricolore hasn’t formed their team yet. But Hibiki seems past any words at all at this point.

Unicorn comes to Parajuku angry at Hibiki because it’s Faruru’s destiny to become a Kami Idol and Hibiki is in the way. But Unicorn’s had enough so she lunges in to horn Hibiki. 

But Hibiki is saved by Ando, who is in turn saved by a goat friend ticket in his pocket. Because Gaarumageddon is up first in the Kami Idol Grandprix, Faruru manages to convince Unicorn to go watch Gaaruru's performance. Faruru sticks up for Hibiki as always, saying she doesn’t want to see Hibiki sad, but Fuwari looks unusually worried.

While alone Fuwari confronts Faruru and asks if it’s really okay that they’re not competing in the Kami Idol Grandprix. Faruru says she used to think being a Kami Idol was her destiny, but now she has Fuwari and Hibiki. 

Fuwari is not convinced though and approaches Hibiki, asking her if she’s given up. 

Hibiki breaks her silence to explain how she’ll solve this by bringing back CelePara.

However, Fuwari has seemed to reach her point where she challenges Hibiki to a duel. She is stopped however by Toriko, who tells her that actually Hibiki was practicing really hard to say “friendship” even though Hibiki won’t admit it herself. Fuwari then feels worse because she’s made Hibiki suffer more, but Faruru comforts her since she could see Fuwari was doing it for Faruru’s sake. 

Seeing Fuwari and Faruru have their moment, Hibiki finally says, “Okay. I get it.” They’re off to the ceremony. 

They meet near the Dream Theater, and Meganii, Meganee, Lala, and Jururu appears. 

Hibiki, as the leader, begins her speech. She says, “I… can’t say I am friends with everyone. But I am friends with Fuwari and Falulu. So I believe in Fuwari and Faruru’s friendship.”

They perform together and Hibiki gets her Super Cyalume Coord from Jewlie, allowing them to participate in that Grandprix.

Major Events

  • Hibiki receives her Super Cyalume Coord.
  • Tricolore complete the team formation ceremony and become an official team.



  • In Gaarumageddon's performance, Gaaruru's Super Cyalume Coord was not seen glowing after performed the Cyalume Change.

Video Gallery

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - Episode 114 - Tricolore - ? & Ready Smile!! -

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - Episode 114 - Tricolore - ? & Ready Smile!! -

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - Episode 114 - Gaarumageddon - ☆Amazing・Castle & Ready Smile!!☆ -

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - Episode 114 - Gaarumageddon - ☆Amazing・Castle & Ready Smile!!☆ -

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