Episode 112 – Koi Koi Jururu
Screenshot 12
Kanji 恋恋ジュルル
Season 3
Episode Number 23
Air Date 09-06-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) SoLaMi♡SMILE Lovely Coord
SoLaMi♡SMILE Pop Coord
SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Coord
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Previous Episode Episode 111 - The Great Babysitter Thief Maho-chan
Next Episode Episode 113 - Frizzy Chiri-chan!
Koi Koi Jururu is the 23rd episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 112th episode in the series overall. It aired on September 6th, 2016


As the season of autumn comes along, Mirei decides that it is time to think of a new making drama. Surprisingly during the process, Jururu learns to stand up and take her first step. Mirei, Laala, and Sophie gets distracted by this which causes them to take a stroll in the park. With Mirei attempting to help Jururu grow faster so she can become Jewlie again…


Jewlulu continues to grow and develop, finally beginning to walk on her own. Laala, Mirei and Sophy decide to spend as much time with her as possible and take her to the park. However Jewlulu's new found freedom has them run ragged trying to keep her out of danger. While at the park, Laala bumps into some of her friends who all seem to be having trouble with their love lives, which they try to resolve. This give Sophy an idea for a new manking drama, which SoLaMi Smile perform at their next live, to raucous applause. Meanwhile, Non is still looking for people to join her idol team, but hasn't had much luck. However her luck may soon change.

Video Gallery

Pripara - SoLaMi SMILE Ready Smile! (112)

Pripara - SoLaMi SMILE Ready Smile! (112)


I Became a Divine Idol?!I Became a Mama Idol?!The Superior Cool ButterflyJururu's Great AdventureCome on, come on ・ Kanon!Perfect Mama Mirei!I've Had Enough of Aromat Cards!Super Miracle Delicious PeachPlaying Three Roles Alone Is Hard!Youth Jumping Snapping!Tension 100 MAX!It has come! The Divine Idol Grand Prix!Ever-changing Appearance! Jewel Change~poyo♡I've Become a Failed IdolLOVE! Devil Color! With Magic, the Devil can do anything!Garuru, wake up-dechu!The Divine Idol Grand Prix is OverEmergency meeting! It's a talented manager ~kuma!PriPari has come backAn SOS from SapannaSwimming Tournament-pri! Go!The Great Babysitter Thief Maho-chan!Koi Koi JururuFrizzy Chiri-chan!Hurry up! Divine Idol Grand Prix!Resound! Divine Idol Grand PrixThe Missing Managers! The Mysterious Girl from SapannaThe Goddess Became an IdolThe Big Sister, the Little Sister, the Princess and the BeastHeya! Hallomageddon ~nyaNonSugar, Don't be Sweet!Awaken! The Goddess's Dress Design!Caspice for Sister!NonSugar DriftingJewlie and JaniceLet's Live! The Main Character is You!Merry・Grand Prix!The Grand Prix is Not So Sweet ~uchaGoodbye, Usacha....E~veryone's Chance!? The Revenge Live!The Goddess' Feelings, Mama's OathHeaven and Hell? The Eve of the Battle!The Rockin'・Gajira Great BattleBeyond the GobiValentine's Day is Not So SweetSmile 0%For Those Greatest Three YearsShowdown! Divine IdolBirth of a Divine Idol!?I Friend YouEvery~one Friends! For~ever Friends!

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