Episode 109 - An SOS from Sapanna
Kanji サパンナからSOS
Season 3
Episode Number 109
Air Date 08-16-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Ready Smile!!

Run♪ for Jumping!
Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo

Coord(s) Palps Flower Country Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 108 - PriPari has come back
Next Episode Episode 110 - Swimming Tournament-pri! Go!

An SOS from Sapanna is the 20th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 109th episode in the series overall. It aired on August 16th, 2016.


Dressing Pafe and SoLaMi SMILE find a message in a bottle while talking with Fuwari on a stroll, the message is an SOS from Sappana PriPara. The girls get on a boat and reach Sappana's PriPara which is in very bad condition and the Sappanee (Meganee) and Sappanii (Meganii) are seen playing with all kinds of animals. They meet a girl named Panana who extremely resembles Hanana, Panana explains that the PriPara in Sappana has been deserted because of the animals and people no longer come there. Outside of PriPara they meet Amiya who extremely resembles Amamiya and Panana tries to get Amiya and two other friends to come in PriPara, but they refuse. SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe start cleaning the whole PriPara so that lives can be performed once again and Mirei starts teaching Sappanee and Sappanii about what they should do and say because of which they start speaking like Mirei with ~pri as a sentence-ender. After the cleaning is done Panana once again asks Amiya and the two friends to join them and they resist but then Panana drags Amiya in PriPara and the two friends follow, SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe perform lives but only small glances can be showed and then Fuwari does her live. During Fuwari's live the new Natural idol can be sen in the audience. Later the Sappana people bid farewell to SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe and Fuwari. When Hibiki is informed that they visited Sappana PriPara Hibiki gets angry but Fuwari calms her down and all of them are seen returning to Parajuku PriPara in a flight.

Major Events


  • This is the first episode set in a different PriPara: Sappana Pripara.
    • The name Sappana relates to Savanna, a biome typical for Africa.
  • This is the first episode to show people from a different PriPara resembling people from Parajuku.
    • The exception being Amamiya because he can't enter PriPara.

Video Gallery

Pripara - プリパラ 109 - Ready Smile, Run♪ for Jumping & Kono Uta Tomareihi

Pripara - プリパラ 109 - Ready Smile, Run♪ for Jumping & Kono Uta Tomareihi

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - OPENING 8 - ☆Brand New Dreamer☆ - Ver

(HD) PriPara - プリパラ - OPENING 8 - ☆Brand New Dreamer☆ - Ver. 3 (Laala & Pinon) -

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