Episode 105 - Gaaruru, wake up-dechu!
Pri Para ep 105 title screen
Kanji ガァルル、目覚めるでちゅーっ!!
Season 3
Episode Number 105
Air Date 07-19-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Amazing· Castle
Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) Gaarumageddon Pink Heart Coord

Gaarumageddon Blue Club Coord
Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord
Super Cyalume Gaaruru Coord

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Next Episode Episode 106 - The Divine Idol Grand Prix is Over

Gaaruru, wake up-dechu! is the 16th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 105th episode in the series overall. It aired on July 19th, 2016.


In order to formally form a team with her friends from Gaarumageddon and get a Super Cyalume Coord, Gaaruru wants to hold a team formation ceremony. Unicorn is afraid that Gaaruru, a vocal doll, will snap her PriTicket and meet the same fate as Faruru once did and fall into a slumber. Due to this, Gaaruru ...


Gaaruru wants to officially form a team with Aroma and Mikan, but Unicorn refuses to let her. She reminds Gaaruru that because she is a vocal doll her PriTicket contains all her data, and snapping it would corrupt that data and cause Gaaruru to fall into a coma, which once happened to Faruru. Despite this Gaaruru still wants to try and Aroma and Mikan support her. After kidnapping Neko, who is also against the idea, Aroma, Mikan and Gaaruru find somewhere to hide in PriPara to conduct the team forming ceremony. Laala is contacted by Unicorn, who tells Laala about Gaaruru, so Laala and the others try to find Gaaruru and stop her. They are joined by Faruru and Unicorn and thanks to Sophie are able to find Gaaruru in PriPara Hills TV Tower with Aroma and Mikan. As the idols prepare to stop the ceremony, they overhear Gaaruru's conversation and realize it is what Gaaruru really wants. As the ceremony starts Unicorn interrupts it before Gaaruru snaps her ticket, but Laala and Faruru intervene, allowing Gaaruru to continue. Although Gaaruru initially faints, she manages to regain consciousness and everyone is overjoyed. The ceremony is complete and Gaarmageddon perform their first performance as a team, after which Jululu sends Gaaruru to the Divine Idol Stage to receive a super Cyalume Coord.

Major Events

  • Gaarumageddon becomes an official team.
  • Gaaruru received her Super Cyalume Coord.


Video Gallery

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PriPara - プリパラ - Episode 105 - Gaarurumageddon - ☆Amazing・Castle & Ready Smile!!☆ -

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